Curve Appeal: Decorating with Cozy Curved Furniture

Cozy Living Room

The past few years, interior design has been shifting to incorporate more comfortable, supportive furniture, creating highly liveable spaces that both look beautiful and feel cozy. While straight-edged pieces give off a feeling of formality, curved pieces are organic and welcoming. Arched and rounded shapes can create an intimate atmosphere that hugs and enfolds you like your own personal cocoon. When combined with light hues and luxe materials, they present a truly calming living space.

To create a sense of unity and balance in your space, consider the following tips for decorating with curved furniture.

Circle center table

Go with the Flow

There are two approaches to decorating with curved furniture: find pieces that flow around each other in a similar way or choose ones that are contrasting shapes. When designing for flow, we recommend styling multiple pieces together that have similar shapes. In addition to the curved shapes being complementary, you can arrange them in a circular formation so that everything feels cohesive. Allow one piece to curve gently into the next.

Create Contrast with Straight Lines 

However, if you’re inclined to take the opposite approach, you can mix in one or two curved pieces with furniture that has hard lines, for example, a straight-edged coffee table like the one seen here. This will create a more contemporary aesthetic that is intriguing to the eye. Continue to add in artistic elements and a coordinating color palette to create balance in your design scheme.

Blue Living Room
Neutral Living Room

Choose Soothing Colors 

Circular forms are inherently soft and pleasing, so they pair very well with a more muted color palette. Lighter neutrals and pastels will echo the feeling of your curved pieces of furniture, creating harmony throughout your space. Stay away from patterns or bold colors as these will counteract the soothing quality that curved furniture provides.

Embrace Organic Textures 

When choosing the frame of your curved pieces, opt for real wood or other organic materials like rattan instead of harsh metals. Not only are natural materials beautiful, but they are timeless and warm, complementing curved shapes. Furniture like our Rattan Scatter Table and Booker Round End Table add a natural quality to your living room or bedroom.

Natural Fabrics
Dark Leather Chair

Set Up a Nook

Lean into the cozy factor by setting up a curved sofa or chair with a curved back in a corner. Add an ottoman, some blankets, and a side table to create the perfect reading space. We’re certain it’ll become your new favorite spot in the house.

Explore Our Collection of Curved Furniture

Linked with feelings of calm and safety, curved forms are undoubtedly popular in interior design regardless of the home’s style. Using curved furniture in your interior design can really enhance your décor scheme and make rooms feel much more intimate. Stop by our Charleston furniture stores to view our collection of curved sofas, chairs, and tables to add that extra cozy element to your home.

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