A Guide to Mixing Patterns at Home

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Everyone loves patterns, but sometimes it’s difficult to incorporate them into your decor without making your room look overly busy. Whether you’re a fan of animal prints, paisley, floral, damask, stripes, or toile, you should be able to incorporate several patterns while striking the right balance to create interest, rather than overwhelm. As long as you concentrate on a few patterns and give them each their space to breathe, you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Here is a quick guide we’ve compiled to help you mix patterns at home.

Floral Bedroom

Choose 3-4 Colors for Your Room

Before choosing your patterns, we recommend picking out colors that are either similar or opposite on the color wheel. For example, you can go bold with a blue and yellow palette, or you can choose varying shades of green to work with. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors until you get a winning combination. If you’re unsure of what colors will look good together, come visit our interior design center in Mt. Pleasant, where we have a huge selection of upholstery swatches to look through. You can also use our in-store displays as inspiration for your own designs.

Start with the Largest Area

Once you’ve selected your colors, start with the largest area that will be covered by a pattern and choose that pattern first. This may be your wallpaper, or it might be an area rug on the floor. Choosing that pattern will allow you to set the tone of the room and make it easier to select your other patterns. For example, you’ll have completely different pattern options available if you choose a neutral geometric rug or a traditional Oriental rug. Keep going down to the next biggest item as you add in patterns, tying together the colors in the room as you go.

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colorful living room

Consider the Scale of the Pattern 

Keep in mind the scale of the pattern when you’re making your selections. We recommend having one standout large pattern and then several smaller accent patterns dispersed throughout the room. Don’t clump all your patterns into one corner – we advise spreading them out evenly throughout your space to create cohesion throughout your room.

Give Your Patterns Breathing Room

When combining patterns, it’s important to give each piece breathing room from its neighbors. To do this, simply integrate solid colors and materials into your design scheme, whether that is your wall paint, sofa upholstery, or pillows. By breaking up the patterns, you’ll give your eyes a break and avoid clashing.

Colorful Bedroom

Stop by Our Design Center for Pattern Inspiration

Whenever you are mixing patterns at home, we always recommend going slowly and adding in new pieces over time. This will give you time to reflect on what is working and what isn’t. If you’re unsure about what patterns will look good together, stop by any of our three Charleston home decor stores and we’d be happy to have an interior design consultation with you. Our trained experts can help you create a space that reflects your personality while tying all your patterns together.

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