GDC Home Designer Incentive Program

*Designer discount valid for in-store purchases only

Upon approval, your five-year membership will include 10-25% off all regular-priced merchandise. Your discount will be based off annual completed sales; please reference the chart below. If your completed sales are less than $1,000 in a two-year period, your account will automatically be terminated. You can re-apply at any time!

In addition, your privileges include:


10% Discount

$0 – $10K


15% Discount

$10 – $40K


20% Discount

$40 – $80K


25% Discount


Please complete the application and provide at least two of the following forms of documentation:

Tax Exemption:
To have tax-exemptstatus, you must submit a signed and completed SC Form ST-8A (attached) even if you are an out of state applicant. Please check the box on the application that purchases are to be tax exempt.


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Please leave your completed application and documentation at the front desk at one of our three locations or email to Cait Hayes at Call 843.414.5571 with any questions.

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