Chic Bedding for Coastal Homes

Choosing the right bedding is essential for creating a peaceful bedroom space that truly feels like home. Bedding instantly uplifts a room, serving as both the centering point of your design and your favorite cozy place to escape to. Our team of Charleston interior designers typically design with the coast’s soothing influences in mind, fixating… READ MORE

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Bored at Home: Add Personality to Your Space with Decor

After so much time spent indoors, you may have noticed that it’s time for a home refresh. Strategic home decor choices can instantly transform a home, bringing much-needed details to your interior design while adding personality and style to your space. Read our best advice for bringing personality to your home with decor, inspired by… READ MORE

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Artful Living: How to Select Art Prints for Your Home

Fine art prints can elevate your home by incorporating inspired works into day to day life. Learn more about how to start incorporating art into your home with our tips for selecting and decorating with fine art prints, from GDC Home. How to Choose Art for a Gallery Wall Creating a gallery wall is an… READ MORE

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