6 Charming Breakfast Nook Ideas for the Kitchen

While we love a formal dining room, designing a casual breakfast nook for relaxed meals is a wonderful complement to any kitchen. Especially in an open-plan kitchen, a well-designed dining nook can provide a cozy corner to enjoy your morning coffee. Here are some creative ideas to bring to life a delightful breakfast nook that radiates charm brought to you by our team of Charleston interior designers.

Built-in Benches 

Custom bench seating adds a cozy and communal charm to your breakfast nook while conserving space. We also love how it makes any space, no matter how small, feel bespoke. A custom banquette or bench can be designed to fit perfectly into any corner or bay window. 

Imagine a custom built-in bench covered in beautiful upholstery from our design center, along with plush pillows that ease you into the day in comfort.

You can even design your custom seating with storage space beneath the seats to provide a handy cache for kitchen appliances or throw pillows.

Cafe-Style Curtains

Getting a dose of Vitamin D in the morning is the best natural wake-up. To make the most of the sunlight, consider cafe-style curtains. These half-window curtains allow light to stream in over your head while blocking the glare from your face. Best of all, they add a European sense of charm that will make your space feel buzzy and special.


Patterned Wallpaper

Lean into the grand millennial vibes of a pretty patterned wallpaper around your breakfast nook. You can create a whimsical space with vintage florals or keep it classic with stripes. Patterned wallpaper can be used to define your dining nook, especially in open-plan layouts. If you’re afraid to commit, you can always find a peel-and-stick removable wallpaper option. It’s these fun elements that really bring a space to life, so don’t skimp on the decorative accents!

Small Table

Rather than a full rectangular dining table, a petite breakfast nook table is the perfect option for a tight space. A pedestal table or a bistro table is best for conserving square footage. Inspired by the cafes of Paris, bistro tables typically are small, round tables with clean lines and a center base.

Stylish Stool Seating

To further conserve space, consider using a few small stools rather than full-sized chairs. If you have bench seating on one side, one or two stools provide plenty of seating on the other side. Opt for traditional wooden stools, or bring in a pop of interest with a stool like our Rope Stool. As an added bonus, stools are compact and easy to move around so you can take them elsewhere in the home when needed.

Statement Light Fixtures

Lighting is key in a small breakfast nook to create a warm ambiance. While you want to utilize as much natural light as possible, installing another source of light is necessary. We love hanging a statement light fixture above the table. A woven pendant, like our Annabelle Pendant, brings a fresh, coastal energy to your corner nook. Or, you could opt for a more sleek, industrial-inspired option like the Moonward Brass Pendant. You don’t want lighting over this area to be harsh, so be sure to choose a light source that softly filters the light.

Create a Beautiful Breakfast Nook Space with GDC Home

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it count! From adding built-in custom bench seating to helping you find the perfect bistro table and stools, our Charleston interior designers are ready to help you transform any corner of the kitchen into a cozy spot for breakfast. Make your mornings a highlight of the day by creating a warm and inviting space for the whole family.

Shop the Look

custom seating

Rope Stool

Put your feet up and enjoy this casual accent piece. The top is removable and the wooden inside can be used to store small items.

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white accent table

Escape Round Dining Table

Poised and unique, the Escape Dining Table explores the relationship between balance and shape with a smooth circular top, an intricately carved pedestal, and subtly curved feet in a Sandbar finish.

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wicker home lighting

Annabelle Pendant

Infuse a breakfast nook with the lore of the city’s famous cafés with this woven pendant, which is au courant in a mix of natural and mole black finishes.

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green bedding accent pillow

Gehry Velvet/Linen Lumbar Pillow

Reflect the essence of unparalleled luxury and impeccable taste. Cotton velveteen in an expressive range of mineral-rich shades is backed with dyed-to-match linen and edged with a grounding natural linen flange.

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