Inspiration and Ideas: Styling Your Coastal Dining Room

Dreaming of the coast? As our furniture stores are located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, we consider ourselves masters of the coastal design aesthetic. However, you don’t need to be by the beach to bring its serene elegance into your dining room. Let’s take a deep dive into the natural materials and laid-back furniture styles that make a coastal dining space one to remember.

Blue and White

Nothing alludes to the coast like the pairing of refreshing blues and crisp whites in your dinnerware sets. In addition to neutral colors, blue and white make even tight areas feel fresh and airy. They recall both the ocean and the sky, creating a calming space to enjoy family meals together.

Wicker Elements

The tactile quality of wicker brings an earthy, natural look to the table that’s synonymous with coastal design. Consider wicker chairs or rattan pendant lights, like our Basket Natural Pendant to introduce texture and warmth, giving a formal dining space a more relaxed air. Wicker placemats can further weave this charming material into your dinnerware sets.


Linen Tablecloth and Napkins

We’ve said it before, but linen is really the perfect fabric for warm weather. With its airy, laid-back appearance and lightweight feel, it fits the coastal style perfectly. A crisp white linen tablecloth adds a layer of understated luxury to your dinnerware sets. Or, you can let the rustic beauty of your wood table show with linen placemats and napkins to complete the classic coastal look.

Bright Wallpaper

Rather than traditional painted walls, consider a unique wallpaper for one or all of your dining room walls. To enhance the atmosphere in the room, choose a wallpaper featuring seaside motifs, like palm trees, seashells, or coral. Or, opt for a bright geometric print that complements a coastal lifestyle, like the Schumacher wallpaper seen here. Whatever you choose, wallpaper brings a burst of personality to your dining room, making it feel more special.

Driftwood Statement Piece 

If you want a breezy statement piece for your dining room that never goes out of style, consider a large piece of driftwood. As a unique rustic wood furniture piece, it adds a natural, sculptural touch to a wooden dining table. Adorn it with candles to make it even more enchanting at night. Or, opt for a statement light fixture made from a large piece of driftwood that can hang as a focal point over the room.

Sheer Curtains

If you are fortunate enough to have large windows in your dining room, make the most of them with sheer curtains. Mimicking sails catching the wind, sheer white curtains invite natural light to the floor through your entire space. Sheer curtains are the perfect choice as they play into the coastal theme while still providing some privacy.

Natural Fiber Rug

A natural fiber area rug, made from jute, sisal, or the like, provides an easy-going foundation for your coastal dining room. Let the natural rugged textures and neutral color palettes ground your room with a relaxed, yet elegant look.

Ceramic Tableware

Finally, elevate your dining experience with natural ceramic tableware reminiscent of the ocean-polished stones and shells on the seafloor. The irregular shapes and earthy finishes of ceramic dinnerware sets add an artisanal touch to your dining room table decor. Balance the natural feel of these dishes with splashes of bright colors. For example, ourContessa Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses adds a pop of color to both small and large get-togethers.

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Kelan Ivory Handwoven Jute/Wool Rug

Durable, eco-friendly, and forgiving, the subtle variations in natural color and chunky weave create a functional and elegant base layer for any indoor room.

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Lastra White Oyster Plate

The understated elegance, clean lines, and unique shape of the Lastra White Oyster Plate make it a timeless choice for your home.

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Contessa Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses

Say “salute” with the Contessa Stemless Wine Glass, beautifully crafted to represent the grace of an Italian countess.

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Charleston Rectangle Dining Table

Capturing the vintage charm of the coastal South and the tropical craftsmanship of the West Indies, the Charleston Rectangle Dining Table has bamboo-motif accents and slender bamboo-style legs.

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