Create Excitement Using Wallpaper in Small Spaces

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Wallpaper is having a moment, and you don’t need a huge space to take advantage of it. Bringing a little magic to a small space can be as simple as adding a fun pattern to your walls.

While keeping small spaces light and minimal is easy to do, a fun pattern can actually open up a space and create an unexpected surprise. Wallpaper can make your room feel really special, so don’t hold back — be bold! Here are some ways to use wallpaper creatively in the small spaces in your home.

Wallpaper in Foyer GDC Home

Brighten Up Your Foyer

Your foyer is the first thing you see when you come into the house, therefore it deserves a bit of extra design attention. If you have a small entryway, consider adding an elegant wallpaper to add beauty as soon as someone walks in the door.

Wallpapers with a large geometric print are particularly popular in entryways as they create interest without being too much of a statement. However, if you have a large entryway and want to up the ante, we suggest a mural wallpaper that will appear like a large work of art to welcome guests.

Wallpaper in Hallway GDC Home

Liven Up Your Hallway

Hallways can be narrow and hard to decorate, so many people leave them alone or paint them a solid color. There doesn’t seem to be a point of hanging large artwork that you can’t stand back to appreciate or setting up a sideboard that you will surely bump into during the night.

However, this functional space that leads from room to room doesn’t need to be boring. With a brightly patterned abstract or floral wallpaper, you can achieve artistry in this often overlooked part of the home.

Wallpaper in Powder Room GDC Home

Create a Memorable Powder Room

No one expects a powder room to be beautiful, which is why it’s essential that you make yours stand out! You can go in a lot of directions with this small space to make it a jewel box, rather than a shoe box.

One easy way to make a statement is to use a wallpaper that has a large print or mural effect. You can even keep the wallpaper to just the wall behind your mirror to create a focal point. Add glamorous lighting, like our Sarina Sconce to complete the room.

Ceiling Home Decor GDC Home

Look Up to a Beautiful Ceiling

A traditional white ceiling is the norm, but it’s nothing to write home about. Ceilings are often taken for granted, and you can really add intrigue to a space by using wallpaper to draw the eye upward.

To create cohesion, match the colors of your wallpaper pattern to other items in the room. You can even coordinate the ceiling pattern colors with your wall paint color, or leave your walls a neutral color so that the ceiling does all the talking.

Cabinet Decor GDC Home

Add a Surprise to Unexpected Places

Tired of looking at plain cabinets? You can create a fun surprise on the inside of kitchen cabinets, under your countertop, on the inside of bookshelves, and inside closets with the use of wallpaper.

What could be a potentially forgettable space comes alive with a bit of creativity and some clever wallpapering. Make the space feel larger with the use of vertically striped wallpaper or choose a bold geometric print that will catch the eye.

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