5 Tips for Creating a Coastal Haven at Home

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In Charleston, coastal design style blends seamlessly with our Lowcountry landscape. With lush marshland, pristine sandy beaches, and more than our fair share of pastel sunsets, we are spoiled when it comes to all the natural beauty on our doorstep. It is no surprise that many homeowners in this area embrace a coastal style in their homes because it’s a way of bringing the outside in.

While you might be concerned about coastal design being kitschy, a balance between beachy and upscale can easily be achieved. It starts with leaving out all anchors and seashells and ends with gorgeous, airy rooms filled with small pops of bright colors reminiscent of the sea. To create your own luxe coastal haven at home, our Charleston interior designers have curated the design suggestions below. 

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Let the Light In

Coastal homes celebrate light and open space, which is why many are built as open plans with large windows. The larger the windows and the fewer barriers between rooms, the better in terms of letting light and air circulate. With large windows, you can appreciate the stunning nature around your home and let the sun drench your rooms in a warm glow. If your home doesn’t have large windows, you can still mimic the effect by using minimal window treatments, like airy voile curtains, and by adding glass doors. Adding large mirrors is another way of bouncing light around your space. 

neutral base with pops of color GDC home decor

Opt for a Neutral Base with Pops of Color

Coastal homes are characteristically filled with lots of white as well as subtle neutrals. Stay away from floral wallpapers, dark colors, or anything that doesn’t seem natural. Your color palette should primarily remain neutral, but you can add pops of color like coral and turquoise. These colors, which are often associated with island living, can keep your rooms from looking too minimal. For example, you can add pillows, like the District Pillow or Kandira Pillow to your white linen sofa.

coastal home bright colored chair

Keep it Casual

There is nothing stuffy about a coastal home. Instead of dark furniture and heavy upholsteries, keep your decor casual and liveable. Fabrics like linen and cotton as well as slipcovers from our Charleston furniture stores are very popular in coastal homes. You might try the Atoll Sham, which has 520 thread count percale or set your table with gorgeous linen napkins. Everything should be easy to clean and relaxed so that your home feels like summer year-round.

wicker texture-rich chair in coastal decor living room

Choose Texture-Rich Features

Another way of making your home feel like an oasis is to integrate organic textures from our Charleston furniture stores. Coastal homes often have light wood floors, rather than carpeting. You’ll often find furniture made from materials like rattan, driftwood, and wicker and rugs made of jute, sisal, or seagrass.

Our Sahara Natural Rug, for example, is a large area rug featuring beautifully woven sisal in a geometric pattern. Fostering the connection with the earth and the outside is a hallmark of coastal living. As a finishing touch, you can add a few of our Georgia baskets. 

light organic decor pillow shams GDC Home

Add Subtle Coastal Accents

While we don’t recommend overdoing your coastal accents, touches of organic decor, like seascape artwork bring cohesion to your home. Everything should feel natural, rather than maximalist, so keep knick-knacks to a minimum. For example, instead of upholstery with a sailboat print, opt instead for details like a blue glass centerpiece to provide a subtle reminder of the sea.

Create a Blissful Seaside Retreat at Home

GDC home coastal bedroom with atoll shams

Here at our Charleston furniture stores, we provide a personalized experience to help you create the coastal haven of your dreams. Our interior designers are trained in the art of turning your vision of an island getaway into a reality. Let us help make your home feel as if you are always on vacation. To get started, take a look at some of the coastal accent pieces below or browse our website.

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Onda Glass Centerpiece

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District Pillow

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