Fabrics In-Store

Sometimes all it takes to revitalize your space are fresh colors and patterns. Visit our GDC stores for hundreds of options to choose from!


For a feeling of coolness in humid climates, linen is a refreshing option.

Prewashed Fabrics

All the perks of linen, plus prewashed and preshrunk.


Give your home some flavor with a bold pattern or two.

In-Store Fabric Library

You can visit the design library at any of our three locations to order wallpapers, trims, and cut yardage fabrics. Our designers are available to help you with any project, big or small. We look forward to working with you.

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Maybe you love the piece of furniture, but you aren’t sold on the fabric. To make sure you love everything, GDC Home offers swatches of our upholstery fabrics and cut yardage fabrics at no charge to you.

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