What is a Lanai? The Meaning Behind This Unique Porch

Summer is on its way, and we’re counting the days until we can spend time relaxing outdoors again. As we think about all the outdoor spaces available, there’s one that people frequently get confused about – the lanai. The Hawaiian term for a veranda or enclosed porch, a lanai is very popular in tropical regions with warmer climates, like Florida and Hawaii. This versatile outdoor space is designed for relaxation, outdoor dining, and entertaining – connecting the indoors and outdoors.

Here’s what you should know about a lanai and if you should consider adding this specific type of porch to your home!


Bold vs Subtle Upholstery: Designing Custom Furniture

Choosing the right upholstered furniture is an important part of executing your interior design vision. You want upholstery to be both beautiful and luxurious while serving its purpose; the perfect balance of form and function. At GDC Home, our design center gives you the opportunity to customize your upholstery to best fit your interiors, whether it’s bold and luxe or subtle and elegant.

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The Benefits of Ordering Custom Upholstery

We all love the idea of custom everything, but is it worth it when it comes to upholstery? When you have the option to create bespoke upholstery, the sky’s the limit, so our belief is yes! Upholstery goes beyond the fabric, including the cushioning package, wood finish, accent pillows, and dimensions in your furniture piece, which can all be customized.

Learn about the many benefits of incorporating custom upholstery in your home and shop our sale March 18th-30th!


A Charleston Home: Incorporating Southern Style

Rich with history, coastal beauty, and classic charm, Charleston has a bright, welcoming design style that both residents and visitors adore. With three home furniture stores in the Charleston area, we’re experts at achieving this local style and love to share it with our clients. If you’re feeling inspired by Charleston, take a look at this guide, where we’ve rounded up some of the most important elements to fill your space.


Easy Organization Tips to Maximize Your Closet Space

If you’ve been feeling like your closet is getting out of control and you can never find what you are looking for, we’re here to help. Whether you have a small closet or are blessed with your own walk-in closet, these few organizational tips from GDC Home can help make the most of the space you have.


Worth the Splurge: Timeless Home Decor Pieces to Invest In

Whether you’re moving into a new home, renovating your living space, or upgrading your furniture to better match your personal style, it helps to know which home decor pieces are essential investments and which you can find at a lower cost. Certain high-quality pieces will never go out of style and can last for decades if cared for. Before you get swayed by trendy decorative items, take a look at this guide to home decor staples that make a worthwhile investment.


Easy Weekend DIY: Ideas to Repurpose an Antique Armoire

Wondering what to do with an old armoire? Instead of throwing it away or donating it, there might be another use in the home that you haven’t yet considered. From creating more kitchen storage to setting up a dedicated craft station, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to make use of an armoire – beyond storing clothes.


Tips to Declutter Your Home in the New Year

Now that we’ve recovered from the holiday season and are embracing the coming year, it’s the perfect time to turn our attention to home organization. You don’t need to be a professional organizer to set some realistic goals for refreshing your living space in 2024.

Whether you’re tackling the junk drawer solo, or getting the whole family involved, our decluttering checklist will give the entire home the fresh start it needs.


Bringing Soft Curves into Your Home

A growing trend in interior design, soft curves have a way of introducing a sense of comfort, style, and movement into living spaces. Even if you don’t have architectural curves in your home, you can add them to your decor to create a sense of softness.

Here are some pieces you can easily integrate with existing decor to create dimension and ease.


Earthy Hues: The Power of Natural Colors in Design

As we usher in 2024, various design trends are emerging that show a shift in color. Instead of cool minimalism with muted grays and clean whites, designers are leaning into warm, earthy neutrals, from browns to deep greens, terracotta, and gold. These hues not only set a cozy, calming mood, but they reflect the current interest in creating spaces that feel organic.

Read more for some of our favorite ways to incorporate earth tones in your home!


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