Cozy Glam: Making Comfy Chic

Creating a space that is chic and upscale should never mean sacrificing comfort. We believe you can express your flair for the dramatic and glam while still creating a space that is cozy and livable. Whether you’re looking to transform your living room into a luxurious retreat or create a swoon-worthy bedroom sanctuary, our Charleston interior designers have rounded up some ways to elevate your home to new levels of sophistication.

Neutral Colors

There is nothing more chic than neutrals. A neutral color palette, whether in grays or creams allows infinite possibilities when it comes to your adding in luxe decor. A neutral foundation keeps the room feeling elegant and contemporary, without a lot to distract the eye. Of course, you can always add a pop of color with your accent pieces. 

Luxurious Touches

While you may be using a neutral color scheme, the decor should be anything but boring. For all of the important furniture pieces in the room, choose items that feel tailored, artistic, or sophisticated. For example, a sumptuous silk velvet sofa, Persian rug, or tufted daybed, like our Angel Daybed will add an instant dose of luxury to your space.

​Reflective Surfaces

On a similar note, reflective surfaces like mirrors or metallic finishes will add a bit of sparkle. Mirrors create the illusion of more space while also reflecting natural light, making any room feel brighter and more open. You can layer in metallic accents through decorative objects like vases or trays, or opt for furniture with metallic legs or detailing to bring a subtle hint of glamor. If you are designing a bedroom, consider framing the bed with two mirrors on either side. Shop a curated selection of our mirrors online here.

Warm Lighting

Soft, ambient lighting and dimmable light fixtures will enhance the cozy ambiance you’re trying to create, inviting you to unwind and escape from the stresses of your day. Rather than bright lights overhead, opt for soft, warm-toned fixtures that emit a gentle glow, such as floor lamps or table lamps with linen lampshades. Dimmable lighting allows you to adjust the brightness according to your mood and activities. For an extra glamorous touch, install golden sconces or a crystal chandelier to serve as a focal point.

Bed & Bedding

If you are designing a bedroom, be sure to invest in a high-quality bed and bedding. A four-poster King or Queen bed, or large tufted headboard will create a regal, high-fashion moment. Invest in a quality mattress, high-thread-count linens, and a silk pillowcase to create a space that supports a good night’s rest. Layering different textures, such as crisp cotton sheets with velvet or faux fur accent pillows will add further interest to your bedding.

Creating a Cozy-Chic Space

No matter what size living space you are working with, designing a space that oozes elegance is easily within reach. Stop by our Charleston furniture stores to pick out some new pieces for your home, or schedule a consultation with one of our Charleston interior designers to discuss your design goals today!

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