The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

The annual season of renewal has come again, meaning it’s time to make a list of spring cleaning chores. While everyone is in the process of vacuuming and doing laundry, there are a few spots that we frequently see missed. As you make your spring cleaning checklist, let’s take a deep dive into the small details. After a long winter, give your home the proper cleaning it deserves!

Baseboards, Crown Molding, Window Frames

You may spend a lot of time cleaning floors, but when was the last time you cleaned the baseboards in your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms? Baseboards, crown molding, and window frames tend to accumulate dust in the ridges that can be hard to spot. Even burning candles can slowly darken these places over time.

To clean these areas, grab a clean cloth and a soapy water solution and wipe away all the grime that has built up. These might be hard-to-reach places, but it’s important to clean them every now and then to keep your interiors looking fresh.

Polish Hardware

No one enjoys polishing, but it has to be done. Part of your spring-cleaning agenda should include wiping all the metal hardware in your home with a cleaning solution. This includes doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches. After completing this simple task, you’ll be amazed at how smudge-free and shiny your furniture pieces appear.


​Wash Windows & Glass Surfaces

You may be hiring professional cleaning services to handle the outside of your windows, but what about the inside? Grab the glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth because there will undoubtedly be buildup on the interiors of your windows. Clean windows will not only look better, but they will instantly brighten up your space and allow more natural light to filter in. 

While you’re at it, wipe the rest of the glass surfaces in the house, from glass shower doors to light fixtures. If you want to make a quick, environmentally-friendly cleaning solution at home, dilute 1/4 cup white vinegar with 2 cups of hot water and 1/2 teaspoon of dish soap.

Wax Furniture Pieces

As a natural material, wood (except for teak) needs attention on a regular basis to be kept looking its best. During your spring cleaning routine, spend some time polishing your wooden furniture pieces to give it a rich, luxurious shine. Waxing your wood furniture not only leaves it looking lustrous but also adds a protective layer to help extend the life of these hardworking furniture pieces.

Shampoo Carpets and Rugs

Many people vacuum their carpets and natural rugs, but you should also shampoo them at least once a year. Particularly in the most-frequented rooms, carpets and natural rugs experience a build-up of dust, allergens, and stains that vacuuming alone may not remove. Whether you opt for professional services or use a carpet cleaner at home, now is the perfect time to do a deep shampoo.

Wash Throw Pillows & Sofa Cushions

Over time, throw pillows and sofa cushions can collect dust, pet hair, spills, crumbs, and more. You wash your pillowcases, so why not the cushions on the sofa as well? While they don’t need to be cleaned as frequently, we recommend cleaning pillows and cushions at least every six months. 

Before you head to the laundry room to throw your cushions in the washing machine, check the care labels as they might need to be dry-cleaned or spot-cleaned with a damp cloth. Consult fabric care experts at your dry cleaner if you have any questions.

Reupholster Old Furniture Pieces

This tip is less of a cleaning suggestion and more of a full refresh. If you have worn-out or outdated upholstery, consider re-upholstering it as part of your spring cleaning efforts. Stop by our Design Center and get a great deal on upholstery. We have hundreds of exciting options to consider.

A Spring Refresh at GDC Home

Make this the best spring cleaning session ever by digging deep into those places that are often overlooked. It may seem like a daunting task, but once everything in the home is scrubbed clean, you can start fresh with adding new decor for the summer. Now is the perfect time to browse a curated selection of high-quality home goods and upholstery at any of our three Charleston home decor stores – we hope to see you soon!

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