Home Decor Ideas Inspired by the South of France

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Lavender fields forever. As we look to the summer, we can’t help but dream of the south of France, with its sunny coastlines, quaint cafes, flea markets, and golden yellow building facades. Drawing upon the region’s rich history, vibrant landscapes, and artisanal legacy, the South of France design style is marked by a pastel color scheme, natural materials, and a blend of vintage treasures and handmade pieces. 

Our team of Charleston interior designers has created a guide on how you can bring the joie de vivre of Southern France into your own home.

Soft Pastels

Emulating the hues of the French Riviera begins with a color palette of soft pastels – think of the gentle blues reflecting off the Mediterranean coast, the pale pinks found in the local rosé, or the delicate yellows of sunflowers at a market. Rather than minimalist white walls, these rich colors provide a serene backdrop that soothes the soul and welcomes natural light into any space. 

Bowls of Lavender

No Provençal home is complete without the fragrance of lavender wafting through the air. You can typically smell it as soon as you walk into any home in the area. To get the effect in your home, place large decorative bowls of dried lavender in the main rooms, powder rooms, and bedrooms. This will not only evoke the famous fields of the French countryside but also provide a calming scent.


Layered Linens

Among the ornate furniture in the South of France, you’ll also find laid-back home furnishings upholstered in lightweight linen. Using natural fabrics brings a sense of ease that corresponds to the relaxed lifestyle of the region. Layer linens in neutral shades to achieve the laid-back luxury that the South of France is known for. From tablecloths and napkins to bed coverings and drapes, linen is a staple that adds an airy, tactile quality to the decor.

Rustic Kitchen 

The heart of the Provençal home is the kitchen. Embrace the French provincial style with open shelving, a farmhouse sink, terracotta tiles on the floors, wicker baskets, and a welcoming wooden table for gatherings. Additionally, hang copper pots and pans from the walls and ceiling. Used as both decor and functional cookware, copper pots hint at the culinary tradition of France and provide a warm metallic glow to your kitchen.

Gallery Walls

There’s a long history of famous French artists living and working in the South of France. Bring their artistic legacy into your own home by creating gallery walls throughout your main rooms. Yours can be an eclectic mix of French country decor or a curated collection of photographs that tells a story about your travels and tastes. If you don’t know where to begin, visit your local shops and galleries or stop by GDC to explore our collection of wall art.

Escape to Southern France with GDC Home

Drawing inspiration from the Côte d’Azur is an invitation to blend tranquility with tradition, and rustic charm with a hint of elegance. Let the soft pastels set the tone, lavender stir the senses, and layered linens and copper cookware speak to the region’s craftsmanship and sense of ease. In adopting the French country style, you’ll carve out a space that’s both quintessentially French and yet, uniquely yours. 

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