5 Creative Table Decoration Ideas for Autumn

Dining room table set with candles

With a slight chill in the air, it’s time to begin decorating our homes for the fall season. This time of year is not only a great time for celebrating, but it’s also when nature provides us with an abundance of rich colors, delicious foods, and beautiful foliage. Nothing says fall like sharing a hearty meal with friends and loved ones, which is why setting up an autumn-inspired arrangement on the table makes an evening extra special.

Using your own creative license, take some of the ideas below as inspiration to showcase the beauty of the season. We have a large selection of tableware, ornamental objects, dining tables, and Yastic rugs at our Charleston furniture stores to create a truly magical autumnal setting.

Dining table with plant detail and set with plates

Velvet Woods

Transform your table into a luxe dining area that looks straight out of a storybook. To achieve this tablescape, embrace a maximalist attitude by incorporating rich textures and deep tones like burgundy and evergreen. Start by placing tall candlesticks or hurricane lamps, like Tammy Hurricane in the center of the table and fill in the surrounding area with all things autumnal. From gourds to nuts, moss balls, pinecones, and branches, you can create a mini-forest right in the center of your table. Add in fruit that matches the season’s aesthetic, including oranges, apples, and pomegranates. From there, place a few velvet pumpkins or mushrooms around the plates to create a warm and luxurious feel. Finally, add gold silverware and glassware for a bit of seasonal sparkle.

Autumn florals

Autumnal Florals

While flowers are typically associated with spring, fall flora is striking and unique in its own way, which is why we love to see it on tables during this time of the year. Hues of dusty pink, burgundy, brown, and orange are particularly popular for fall tables. Using flowers like garden roses, dahlias, zinnias, and marigolds, you can create a breathtaking center arrangement within a vase, pot, or a hollowed-out pumpkin. Or, you can break up your arrangement into many different vases, like our Imperial White Vase Set.

Centerpiece with cheese boards

Edible Centerpiece

Instead of using a traditional centerpiece, create a few cheese and fruit boards on wooden trays that guests can nibble on until the meal is served. Our Set of Three Vesta Cheese Boards would look beautiful piled high with fall treats, like a modern-day cornucopia. The added bonus of this centerpiece is that it also serves as canapes where everyone can choose their favorite things to snack on.

Table sent with centerpiece

Organic Drama

Craving a bit of drama? Place large, darker-hued strands of pampas grass inside glass vases in the center of your dining table. This feathery centerpiece will serve as a beautiful surprise for guests as they walk into the room. A more natural wooden dining table is best here as it exaggerates the organic feel. We recommend choosing an out-of-the-ordinary color for your drinking or wine glasses, like dark gray. Finish setting the table with napkins in a coral color to create a balance between light and dark.

Table set with chinoiserie centerpiece


If you are hosting a lunch or afternoon tea, you might prefer something lighthearted and bright, like a blue chinoiserie theme. A blue color palette doesn’t sound autumnal, but it can be when you are using chinoiserie-painted pumpkins and gourds. You can either paint them at home yourself or buy pre-painted or faux pumpkins. Lay the table with a white tablecloth and then set a large chinoiserie vase, like our Ming Temple Jar in the center of the table. Next, coordinate your dishes and flatware with the blue theme and add in the chinoiserie pumpkins. Our Country Estate dinnerware looks elegant any time of the year and works particularly well with this theme. To add a bit of texture and break up the blue, wind some large branches of pale green eucalyptus around your pumpkins.

Table set, neutral and minimalistic details


For those who prefer a more clean, less-is-more aesthetic, but still appreciate subtle nods to seasonality, try this minimalist approach to a table setting. Keep a neutral color palette of whites and creams and use textures and design elements to bring warmth and style. For example, white plates with delicate scalloped edges, like our Berry & Thread collection look fresh and welcoming when set with linen napkins. Small sprigs of wheat on each plate nod to the season without being overt.

Fall in Love with our Home Decor & Furniture in Charleston, SC

We have everything you need to set the table at our three Charleston furniture store locations. When it comes to creating a dreamy tablescape, our Charleston interior designers are always here to help make suggestions. Stop by to pick up plates, silverware, candles, and those special decorations to really make your fall table come to life.

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