Try These Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up the Fall and Winter

living room setting with couch, chairs,  and coffee table.

This time of year brings a special kind of beauty and magic which is emphasized by creating a warm ambiance inside your home. Lighting is one of the most important features in a home in the fall and winter as it affects not only the appearance of a room but also your mood. When the days are shorter, you can illuminate your home with different sources of lighting to keep you feeling cozy all season long.   

From the artful placement of sconces to pendant lighting and the glow of candles, you can light your home to perfection. Even small changes to your lightbulbs and lampshades can make a big difference when it comes to creating a welcoming stage for dinner parties and holiday gatherings. Before we enter the darkest part of the year, give some of the lighting tips below a try.

Brick fireplace with couch and ottoman in front.

Create Layers of Light

When you have the benefit of the summer sun streaming through the windows, you don’t need more than a single lamp as a lighting source. However, on a gray winter’s day, having multiple lighting sources will help you achieve the right balance of light in the room. When you are choosing types of light, aim for mellow tones that scatter light on different levels in the room. For example, you might like to have a lamp on an end table, a pendant light overhead, and a floor lamp. Of course, you don’t need them all on at the same time — you can vary the type of light you use depending on how dark it is outside.

End of couch with painting, lamp, and side table.

Install Dimmer Switches or Multicolor LED Bulbs

If you are able to install dimmers on your light switches, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of being able to tailor the amount of light in a room. You can even find plug-in dimmers that work with lamps to achieve the same effect as a wall dimmer switch. Alternatively, consider multicolor LED bulbs, which can be controlled to emit different amounts of light as well as color temperatures. Warm hues are particularly pleasant in the winter, which can be achieved with bulbs that are 2,700 Kelvins or less.

Living room setting

Swap Out Lamps Shades

Also important to achieving a warm glow in the fall and winter is the lampshades that you use. The best lampshades that diffuse light will be made of semi-opaque fabrics like cotton and linen. The color of the lampshade can also make a difference, with colors like red, yellow, and orange creating the warmest effect. Lamps with a warm or neutral base, like our Circus Table Lamp, look beautiful with any of these colors of shades in linen.

Hallway with ceiling lights

Use Statement Lighting

Recessed ceiling lights are not ideal for creating ambiance in the colder months. They can come across as harsh and sterile. Instead, consider using a pendant light, like our Piero Chandelier overhead. Not only will it illuminate your space from above, but it also creates a beautiful focal point for the room, whether hanging above your dining table or in the center of your living room.

Sconces on wall

Use Sconces

Wall-mounted sconces can be used in almost every place in the house as a secondary lighting source. Originally designed to hold candles or lanterns on the walls, you can now find them in every shape and style at our Charleston furniture stores. You can use sconces next to your bed, over your mantle, above a console table or in the kitchen to create a soft, scattered lighting effect. From a sleek, modern design like our Folio Sconce to a more traditional gold sconce like our Clove Double Sconce, there are plenty of options to light your home.

Outdoor patio furniture with string lights and candles

Magical Additions

Finally, there are the small additions that can bring extra enchantment to your space in the fall and winter. There is no light that is softer and more relaxing than candlelight, so try adding some candlesticks, like our glass Monroe candlesticks to your table on dark nights. Another simple lighting trick for this time of year is to use string lights to decorate. You can wrap your garland on the mantle, or just place a strand of string lights inside a hurricane lamp or lantern, like our Tammy Hurricane.

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