Tips to Declutter Your Home in the New Year

Now that we’ve recovered from the holiday season and are embracing the coming year, it’s the perfect time to turn our attention to home organization. You don’t need to be a professional organizer to set some realistic goals for refreshing your living space in 2024. A clutter-free, organized home is a must if you are planning a renovation and even if not, it’s a great idea this time of year. We’re here to help you create a clean slate for both your physical and mental well-being. 

On that note, get ready to clear out old, damaged, and unused belongings! Whether you’re tackling the junk drawer solo, or getting the whole family involved, using this decluttering checklist will give the entire home the fresh start it needs. 

The 4-Box Method

There are plenty of organizational methods out there (hello, Marie Kondo), but we like the simplicity of the four-box method. If you’re a busy parent without much time on your hands, this simple method lets you achieve a clean home quickly and efficiently without professional help. All you need are four boxes labeled with the following: ‘Keep,’ ‘Donate,’ ‘Store,’ and ‘Toss.’ Instead of keeping the boxes in a centralized location, start with one room at a time and go through drawers, closets, bookshelves, baskets, and storage bins. Sort your belongings into the box that makes the most sense, even if it feels difficult at times. Trust us, this filing system will make the decluttering process a lot more streamlined. 

What to Keep

Let’s start with the easiest box – the ‘Keep’ box. This box is reserved for your items that are cluttering up a space, but that you aren’t ready to part with. They might include books, toys, seasonal clothing, and furniture that needs to be re-upholstered. While the furniture won’t fit in the ‘Keep’ box, you can make a note to come back to it at the end. Now is a great time to prioritize that upholstering or painting project you have been putting off for months. Stop by our Design Center to browse through our collection of custom upholstery options today – our team is here to help make the upholstery process smooth and pain-free.

What to Donate

Of course, there will be some items that you love, but that no longer serve you. Anything that you haven’t used in a year, that doesn’t fit, or that is no longer bringing you joy should make its way into the ‘Donate’ box. The beauty of this box is that your donation will provide each item with a whole new life. Someone else can find joy in the item that you once loved. Donating to your local Goodwill or a similar non-profit is a good way to help the circular economy and your community. Some common items in a donate box might include household goods that are duplicates, outdated furniture, outgrown clothing, and toys that are no longer played with. Don’t hold onto small things just because they are small — if they aren’t being used, it’s time to send them on their way.

What to Store

The ‘Store’ box should be one of the smallest boxes with only the most special items reserved for your precious storage space. Family heirlooms and artwork that are no longer being displayed can be stored for future use and posterity. Furniture like a baby cradle can also go into storage if it is high quality and you think it will likely be used by future generations. Seasonal items, like holiday decorations, will also need to be stored. Just make sure to properly label what is in each box so that it is easy to find what you are looking for. 

What to Toss

By this point, everything in good shape should be sorted into one of the other boxes. The only thing that should be left are items that are damaged, broken, or stained. If they can’t be repaired, or they are poor quality, then unfortunately they will need to be tossed. Where possible, try to recycle items. For example, paper clutter in your work area and old craft supplies should be recycled/thrown away to clear up valuable desk space.

A Well-Organized Home Starts with GDC

In the spirit of new beginnings, make a to-do list with all the rooms in your home that feel a little overwhelmed with clutter. Cleaning can be hard work, but the four-box method makes organization easy. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel after you’ve given your home a proper spruce. 

With any luck, you won’t need to do another big declutter until next year. However, to avoid building up a lot of clutter, we recommend trying to organize items throughout the year. From the home office, to the laundry room, following a regular cleaning schedule can help keep everything organized. You might also want to invest in effective storage solutions, from a classic linen closet to a freestanding storage unit. It’s never too late to make a New Year’s Resolution to organize the house. 

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