Bringing Soft Curves into Your Home

A growing trend in interior design, soft curves have a way of introducing a sense of comfort, style, and movement into living spaces. From furniture to lighting, gently swopping lines can transform the space, making it feel warm and welcoming. Even if you don’t have architectural curves in your home, you can add them to your home lighting and decor to create a sense of softness. Here are some furniture pieces you can easily integrate with existing decor to create dimension and ease.


From the backs to the arms, rounded edges on sofas, chairs, and loveseats inherently make an experience more comfortable. Wouldn’t you rather recline in a rounded club chair than a stiff-backed one?  A rounded back sofa or chair also takes up less space than a traditional design, making a space feel more open and airy.

Coffee/End Tables

Not only are tables with rounded edges stylish, but they are often easier to fit in between furniture. More importantly, however, is that they won’t cause you injury if you accidentally knock into them. Unlike hard-edged coffee tables that can be unforgiving when bumped, rounded-edge tables are safe for children and adults. Tables with curved edges promote flow and minimize sharp lines in the space, which adds a sense of sophistication.

Consoles & Cabinets

Consoles and cabinets with curved edges are very popular as they make a statement against a wall. They can provide needed storage and display space without being an eyesore. If you are using a console in your entryway or dining room, one with a semi-circle design that fits neatly to the wall is a smart choice. It will eliminate sharp edges and be more discreet than a traditional rectangular design.


One of the easiest ways to bring curves into your home design is through lighting. Tapered lampshades are inherently rounded, but you can go further with orb pendant lights, wall sconces, and chandeliers. From swooping Art Deco arms to mid-century modern Sputnik chandeliers, fixtures with curves provide a gentle softness. This can then be enhanced by the quality of the light, setting the scene with a note of relaxation.


Of course, bringing soft curves into your home should carry through in other spaces beyond the living room. In the bedroom, you can make a bold statement with a curved headboard. This charming frame for the bed will draw the eye immediately and add a luxurious and artistic touch to the room. The soft curves will also make your room feel more cozy and snug.

Soft Curves at GDC

Stop by any of our three Charleston furniture stores to discover a range of soft curves, from scalloped-edge placemats to rounded sofas. Incorporating this trend into your existing decor couldn’t be easier, and you’ll love how it warms up your space!

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