Earthy Hues: The Power of Natural Colors in Design

As we usher in 2024, various design trends are emerging that show a shift in color. Instead of cool minimalism with muted grays and clean whites, designers are leaning into warm, earthy neutrals, from browns to deep greens, terracotta, and gold. These hues not only set a cozy, calming mood, but they reflect the current interest in creating spaces that feel organic. 

Experience the Grounding Effect

Ease into the tranquil atmosphere that earthy hues bring to a space. Like being in a forest, or walking barefoot on the sand, earthy hues have a unique ability to create a sense of calm, grounding you in a space. Derived from nature, these colors are known to reduce stress, making them perfect for creating a peaceful home or work environment.

They’re Easy to Mix and Match

Earth tones complement each other, making it very easy to mix and match different hues to create your dream space. Design a cozy cocoon with varying clay shades, or mix deep olive green, soft beige, and warm terracotta for a fresh and inviting room.

They’ll Never Go Out of Style

Earth tones are timeless. Unlike more trendy colors that might feel outdated after a few years, earth tones will never go out of style. They make a home or office feel welcoming year-round and don’t require a seasonal refresh. From rustic to contemporary, minimalist to bohemian, earth tones enhance any design style.

Create a Mature Color Scheme

There’s an inherent sophistication and maturity in earthy hues that bright colors don’t quite have. Their ties to nature and the depth of the colors makes them feel considered. Like a bar of dark chocolate or a glass of wine, earthy hues feel complex and elevated.

Enhancing Natural Elements

Natural colors enhance the impact of other organic elements within a space. These colors pair beautifully with wood and stone as well as houseplants and dried foliage. Beyond creating a sense of cohesion, earth hues bring the outdoors in.

Power to the Earth

You won’t see earth hues in every home, but when they are used, they create a timeless, powerful, and striking effect. As more people seek to disconnect from the hectic, technology-driven world we live in, this color trend will continue to rise as a means of feeling more restful at home and connected to nature.

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