The Best Outdoor Furniture For Summer 2021

Outdoor Patio Set GDC Home

This summer, we plan to spend as much time as possible on our patios, porches, and balconies to soak up the sun after a year of lockdown. There has been a huge uptick in home renovation projects lately, including getting creative with outdoor luxury home furniture in Charleston, SC. Whether you want to add a dreamy weatherproof daybed or are looking to accessorize your lighting, our Charleston furniture stores are a treasure trove of outdoor staples. With endless options of performance fabrics, GDC furniture is perfect for everything from sunbathing to summer soirees.

Outdoor Table GDC Home

Multifunctional Pieces

While you’re working remotely, take advantage of being at home by sitting outside on your back porch with your laptop. Multifunctional patio furniture will serve you well for work and play. For example, a large, gorgeous dining table like our Sag Harbor 60″ Round Dining Table has enough room to spread out your paperwork or seat the whole family for dinner. The addition of a colorful umbrella can shade your laptop from the sun’s glare and add beachy style to your outdoor space.

Lighting Features

Unique Lighting Features

One surprising trend that we are loving lately is the use of unique lighting features outside. From string lights to chandeliers, it’s time to step up your ambiance outdoors. You’ll not only light up the area with a beautiful statement piece, but also make your patio more functional at night. Chandeliers made with natural materials, like our Wood Barrel Chandelier and our wicker Willow Chandelier add organic sophistication that will elevate any patio space. 

Comfy seating

Extra Large and Comfy Seating

Gone are the days of a simple metal bistro set. Now that we are spending extensive amounts of time in our outdoor spaces, comfort is a must! When it comes to furniture, the larger and cozier the seating options are, the better. Sitting in our spacious Spoonbill Swivel Chair with the matching Spoonbill Bench is pure heaven in our book. A cozy, yet elegant daybed like our Heron Daybed is another addition that will make your outdoors as liveable as your indoors. You might even be tempted to sleep under the stars on furniture this comfy.

Experiential Accents

Experiential Accents

2021 is all about making up for lost time by having new experiences. While your overseas vacation is still on hold, you can certainly bring old world charm to your own backyard. When it comes to furniture choices, the more exciting pieces from our Charleston furniture stores win out. In the search for that wow-factor, look for pieces with unusual textures and bright colors. With dangling oyster shells, the Stillwater Oval Chandelier adds a coastal elegance to any outdoor space. Or, if you need a quick pop of color, our Rhodes Stripe Outdoor Pillows will instantly revitalize any tired seating arrangement. Of course, if you really want to impress your guests, a bar cart with seasonal refreshments will do the trick!

Living Walls

Living Walls

For many city dwellers, a large patio space or backyard is not an option. To make the most of smaller outdoor spaces, we recommend embracing the up, rather than the out. The rise of vertical gardens and living walls is a trend that anyone can get inspired by. Instead of having a traditional garden in your backyard, why not try growing your favorite vegetables and flowers in pots hanging from the wall? You could also create a wall out of a hedge for aesthetic and privacy purposes.

Luxury Home Furniture in Charleston, SC

When you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor living space, stop by one of our Charleston furniture stores to browse our inventory or speak with one of our interior designers. From the start of a project to adding those finishing details, we are here to help. Begin by browsing some of our favorite outdoor luxury home furniture pieces below!


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