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There are endless details to consider when you are building a new home or going through a major renovation. From choosing paint colors and furniture to ordering custom upholstery, decorating your space is an investment and you want to make the right decisions from the get-go. While hiring a full-service interior designer is a great option, it helps to visit one of our Charleston furniture stores in person to visualize the options available for your new interiors. Here are just a few of the ways we can work together to bring your dream home to life!

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Find Everything in One Place

Unlike shopping online, where you have to browse various sites and wait for everything to arrive separately before you can see them at home together, visiting one of our furniture stores in Charleston, SC allows you to see potential furniture, upholstery, art, and accessories all in one place. You don’t have to wonder if a chair will look good with a certain side table…it is all right there in one place and we don’t mind rearranging for you!

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Undergo an Informal Assessment

When you visit one of our Design Centers, we’ll ask questions to help you nail down the best options for your project. For example, we want to know what your style is and what your budget looks like. We will also need to know more specific details like how the upholstery will be used, if you prefer skirted or non-skirted, and what depth you need for the frame of your furniture. The interior designer working with you will be able to suggest specific options that will be suitable as well as the fabrics that work best on each frame.

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Explore Furniture and Upholstery Options at Our Charleston Furniture Stores

While the internet is a fantastic resource for designing and decorating a home, there is nothing like seeing home goods and upholstery in person. In our Charleston furniture stores, you can visit our extensive library of upholstery swatches, which come in every color, material, and pattern imaginable. There’s no question that you have to feel a material like Chenille to understand how soft it is! If by some chance you look through all of our offerings and still don’t see what you are looking for, you can request to use COM fabric, which stands for customer’s own material. In this instance, you can ask us to send your material to the manufacturer.

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Get Personalized Advice from Our Team of Charleston Interior Designers

As you gather the options for your upholstery project, we will help you narrow down your choice to the fabrics that will work the best in your space. For example, if you are considering a very busy fabric on a sofa, we will steer you towards a more practical route and suggest using that pattern for pillows. While most of us have been spending a lot of time at home, performance fabrics are very popular at the moment as they can handle more wear and tear without showing it. We can help you with choosing the best fabrics for kids and pets without sacrificing style!

GDC Home Couch Upholstery

Use Our In-Store Technology

When one of our vendors is in store, they often bring 3D visualization technology that will allow you to see how your furniture will look when it’s finished. This is a great way to “see” your upholstery selections on the frames and decide which is actually your favorite. Call ahead to our three Charleston furniture stores to see if this technology will be available during your visit.

Our GDC family is always ready to help you tackle whatever home projects you have at one of our three furniture stores in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, and Kiawah Island, SC. We advise making an appointment ahead of coming into our Design Center and sharing a bit about your project and your needs upfront. To get you started, browse some of our popular fabrics below!


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