Let me see your Mantles! Everyone please ignore the fact that I haven’t posted a real blog in weeks….

The colds started early at our house this year and well really haven’t stopped since. My poor babies have gotten used to only being able to breathe out of one nostril at a time. Just keep telling me that it gets better when they get older and maybe I’ll believe you one of these days.

That having been said I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet (GASP). Instead I have been pinning the most gorgeous pictures to our “Get Ready For It” board on Pinterest.

Mantels are my favorite spots to decorate. They are a focal point and are confined to one spot. You can ignore the rest of the house and still be so festive!!

Your decorating options are endless and mantles can turn into anything you want. Whether it is formal, whimsical, colorful, glittery, for the kids, for the adults, with greens or without….

I want to see what you have done!!! Email me pictures to

Here are a few of our favorites from Pinterest.


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