This designer tip comes from Brielle Majeau. She is a Design Consultant at our Mt. Pleasant location, please visit our website to read Brielle’s full bio. She has some great ideas about decorating with burlap that are so fitting for this time of year.

By the way GDC just got a huge shipment of burlap.


One of my favorite things to decorate with is burlap, especially around the holidays. The rough, rustic texture can be so versatile in many creative ways. Personally, I buy it by the bolt, rather than by the yard, because I use it for so many things. At a great price point (under $9 per yard here at GDC), it is well worth it.

For the holidays, I love cutting long strips of it and coiling it around railings and banisters, where I’ll accessorize it with different seasonal accessories – colorful leaves for autumn or ribbon and garland for the winter months. You can even hang glistening ornaments from it. It looks good on its own too, with no adornments. You can also use this technique to garnish a Christmas tree.

Speaking of Christmas, another way I like to use burlap is by cutting several yards and bunching them around the base of my Christmas tree in lieu of a tree skirt. The neutral color of burlap can work with your existing design palette while giving your tree an outdoorsy, natural feel.

Once you’re finished using the tree skirt, you can turn it into a tablecloth or table runner by cutting it to the correct length for your table. Or wrap it around the base of your potted plants.

We have plenty of burlap in stock at GDC and can order it by the bolt if you need it for the holidays.

Thanks so much Brielle!
All images from Pinterest (never lets me down)


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