How to Make a Small Bedroom Seem Spacious

Moved into a house where one of your bedrooms is on the small side? Whether you are planning to use it as a child’s bedroom, a guest room, or your primary bedroom, you can create a space filled with just as much beauty and interest as the larger rooms in your home. Small bedrooms can be even more fun to design than large ones as finding spaces to put everything is like a puzzle. Once you’ve solved it, you’ll love the room even more. To maximize your space, consult the tips below or stop by one of our Charleston furniture stores for in-person advice. Good things come in small packages!

Choose a Delicate, Airy Bed Frame

When you are decorating a small room, maximizing space is essential. This is not the time for a thickly padded headboard or a big pile of accent pillows that will create a bulky bed. Instead, a more delicate bed frame, like our four-poster Venice Bed is preferable. Without a canopy, the posts of this bed draw the eye upward, emphasizing the space above the bed. The bed is lifted with elegant legs that perch on the

Embrace Light Colors

Small rooms can feel like the walls are closing in if they are decorated with heavy fabrics and furniture. Instead, think light and airy when it comes to decorating. Your bedding should be streamlined and minimal with lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. When it comes to furniture, try to select pieces that are lither, rather than bulky. A slim table, like our Arbor Side Table, will serve as a beautiful nightstand in a small room. Try to leave as much space visible to the eye as you can. 

Think Up Rather Than Out

There are numerous opportunities to hang what would normally be grounded, all you have to do is think up rather than out. Now is the time to look into wall sconces rather than lamps, freeing up your bedside table for books or a water glass. Our Sarina Sconce provides a touch of gold while providing you with the perfect amount of reading light.

Sconces minimize the feeling of clutter close to your bed, which is ideal when you have a small room. When it comes to shelving, you may not be able to fit a bookshelf, but you can install some floating shelves. Sconces and floating shelves draw the eye up to create more balance in the small space so that the room feels more lifted rather than weighed down.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors naturally make a room open up and feel larger. In a small room, adding a large mirror, like our Vaughn Mirror can work wonders, particularly if the mirror is near a window and can reflect light inside. You can also install a full-length mirror on your closet door, which will allow you or your guests to see your full outfit before heading out for the day. 

Choose Fabrics with Solids or Small Prints 

Large prints can be overwhelming in a small bedroom, so keep your fabric selection for drapes, upholstery, and bedding to solids and small prints. It’s always safer to keep your color palette light and stick to one or two colors. This also applies to your paint colors or wallpaper — less is more when you are working with a small space. When in doubt, stick to variations of white for a minimalist approach.

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