Giving New Life to Old Treasures

No longer feeling inspired by your home decor? Time for a refresh. Giving your home a much-needed spruce doesn’t have to involve new furniture when you think creatively to transform some of the treasured pieces you already own. There are so many ways that furniture can be shifted slightly or repurposed entirely to create a completely new feel. 

If you’ve been thinking of getting rid of a piece of furniture, pause and consider how it might be of use in another way. By giving your furniture a new life, you are making an eco-conscious choice and saving money in the process.

Browse some ideas below to get inspired to recycle and repurpose your furniture pieces.

Turn an Armoire into a Bar Cabinet

Without too many changes to the structure itself, you can alter the function of your bedroom armoire into something much more exciting: a bar cabinet for your living room. A fresh coat of colorful paint can turn your traditional armoire into an eye-catching piece that will delight guests when opened.

Our Surfrider Wardrobe is the perfect example of an armoire that can also function as a bar cabinet. To create even more appeal, you can add mirror panels to the inside of your armoire to reflect the shine of your glassware. Store all of your favorite drinks in this cabinet so that you needn’t ever make a trip to your kitchen to refill your glass.

Update Your Upholstery

Rather than completely getting rid of a sofa, chair, or ottoman, simply update the upholstery. New upholstery in a fresh print or bright solid can uplift an entire room and transform the way you think about your old sofa. Performance fabrics are a great choice as they help extend the life of your furniture and provide more comfort and durability for daily use.

Stop by our Charleston furniture stores to browse our extensive collection of high-quality upholstery fabrics. We’re happy to help you breathe life into your tired furniture!

Use a Vintage Trunk as a Coffee Table

If you are bored of your traditional coffee table, put it to the side and use a vintage trunk as your coffee table instead. Versatile and timeless, vintage chests look stylish in any setting.

The flat surface is ideal for stacking books or creating an artistic vignette with art and heirlooms. You can also store items inside the trunk, giving you a place to put your winter throws, extra cushions, or work files when not in use. 

Try a Creative Nightstand Replacement

Tired of your old nightstand? Perhaps it can be used in your living room as a side table instead. In its place, think creatively by using furniture that is not designed to be a nightstand, but works just as well. A ceramic stool like the Chantilly Garden Stool in white or navy looks effortlessly chic beside your bed stacked with books.

An elegant folding table, a classic wooden chair, or an artistic end table like the Lumin End Table can also be used as nightstands in the right bedroom. Stop by one of our Charleston home furniture stores to browse our selection of end tables and more.

Transform a Daybed into an Actual Bed

If you do need to go shopping to find a piece for your home, try to narrow your choices to furniture that is made to be multifunctional. Pieces designed for versatility are more likely to be used long term and can suit different spaces even when you move.

The Angel Daybed, for example, is a gorgeous place to sit in your bedroom or a living room. When you have guests over, it can be pulled out into a twin trundle bed, or set up to create a full-sized bed. 

Visit Our Charleston Home Furniture Stores

At all of our Charleston home furniture stores, we’re more than happy to help you pick out new pieces or assist in transforming your old furniture. Our interior designers think outside the box to create pieces that suit your personality and balance form and function. If you have any questions on how to repurpose a piece of furniture, please consult our team of friendly interior designers who are always ready to share advice.

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