How to Decorate a Home Full of Neutrals

Neutral Living Room

Don’t confuse neutral with bland – neutrals are a mainstay in the world of interior design because of their versatility and ability to make any space feel serene and cohesive. While neutrals are very popular in coastal and minimalist homes, they can also be used to create drama in an urban design or to refresh a traditional living or dining room. There are an infinite number of shades of white, cream, and gray out there, but getting the mix just right can be tricky. 

To style a neutral home that is anything but boring, here are some easy-to-follow tips from our interior designers.

Layering different neutrals

Layer Different Shades

There is no end to the number of neutrals on the market. While one shade of beige might be bright and uplifting, another might feel earthy and cozy. To give your neutrals depth, we recommend layering different shades throughout your home. For example, you could use a light beige sofa with grey and cream accent pieces to add dimension to a room with white or beige walls. The result is light and coastal, yet polished. This layering technique also applies to wood – incorporate many different shades of light wood to create a more captivating room.

Compare and Contrast

Instead of a monochromatic approach, you could also try contrasting light and dark neutrals for a more bold effect. This black and white geometric pillow, for example, provides a dose of eclectic style, adding a visual surprise that completely changes the look of the neutral sofa. We also love using metallics to create contrast in a neutral room. They are inherently bold and eye-catching, giving you something to focus on without affecting your color palette.

Light and dark neutrals
Layering textures

Embrace Texture

One of the secrets to decorating with neutrals is to incorporate a range of textures that add interest. Textural accessories like knit throws, natural fiber rugs, and woven baskets break up the monotony. For example, our Kali Woven Jute Rug has a beautiful ivory latticework pattern and natural fiber weave that brings a lot of personality to the space without being too loud.

Bring in Subtle Patterns 

Patterns and prints are another way to breathe life into a neutral space. To maintain a cohesive look, opt for subtle patterns like stripes, herringbone, or geometric designs in a similar neutral color palette. Incorporating printed cushions, upholstery or curtains creates a soft point of interest that keeps a neutral room from feeling too sterile.

Subtle patterns
Natural elements

Incorporate Natural Elements

Finally, add organic accents to bring freshness and a touch of color to your neutral home. Indoor plants, flowers, and natural wood blend beautifully with a neutral color palette, making your home feel serene and inviting. Aim to have at least one natural accessory in every room – you’ll be amazed how much of a difference it can make towards the overall ambiance!

Less is More with Calming Neutrals at GDC Home

Timeless, versatile, and energizing, neutrals make for an excellent color palette in any style of home. The key when using neutrals is always to integrate a variety of textures, patterns and natural elements that will emphasize a fresh feeling without being boring. Remember, with neutrals, less is often more!

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