How to Prep Your Home for Summer 

Summer patio furniture

Summer is here at last and so too, is the longing for airy and fresh interiors that let the light in. In the summer, we’re all about interiors that embrace a sense of ease and comfort, inviting a relaxed lifestyle that suits the languor of the season. No longer are heavy blankets and dark upholstery in style; instead, it’s time for lightweight materials in eye-catching tropical hues. 

To prep your home for the summer, our Charleston interior designers have compiled this quick checklist that will help you enjoy this beautiful warm season to the fullest.

Light and airy artwork

Embrace a Light and Airy Aesthetic 

To bring a summery mood to your home, start by putting away thick materials like velvet and wool in exchange for lightweight linen, cotton, and performance blend fabrics. When it comes to color, choose soft shades, from light blue to refreshing green. Or, you can go all in on neutral tones like whites and beiges for a clean feel. The tranquil nature of these colors will help you feel more relaxed during the hot summer months. We also love using mirrors to reflect light around the room and help your space feel more open and spacious.

Give Your Porch an Upgrade

Is there anything better than relaxing outside on your porch in the summer, a cold glass of lemonade in hand? If your porch hasn’t been used since this time last year, take a moment to show it some love. Consider investing in comfortable outdoor lounge chairs, hammocks, a porch swing, or a joggling board. With porch furniture, it’s best to choose weather-resistant materials like wicker, rattan, or teak that can withstand the elements. The sun, humidity, and precipitation can be damaging, so we recommend having custom covers made for your furniture when not in use. To add a bit more style, toss some throw pillows in vibrant patterns onto your chairs. If you want to really make your porch feel cozy, place a rug underfoot. It will look and feel like an outdoor living room – perfect for entertaining guests!

Porch dining furniture
Festive bar cart

Set Up a Festive Bar

Your home should feel like you are constantly on staycation in the summer, and what better way to do that than to set up a festive bar? Whether it’s on a cabinet, a bar cart, or your back porch, a bespoke bar for summer is a treat for you and your guests. If you don’t have spare cabinet space, a bar cart is a great option to allow for versatility and easy rearrangement. Don’t forget to adorn your bar with colorful glassware and accessories like fun cocktail umbrellas, and fresh fruit garnishes. Cheers!

Drift Away with Driftwood Decor

Driftwood’s neutral tones and organic forms evoke the essence of summer, bringing a coastal ambiance into any home. You can either decorate using dried driftwood, placing a branch here and there on your mantel, bookshelves and side tables, or you can keep an eye out for elegant driftwood furniture. With its weathered look and artistic branches, a driftwood table is a statement piece that instantly infuses your living room with an airy, summery quality.

Driftwood decor

Summer Starts at GDC Home

Prepping your home for warmer months gives you the opportunity to refresh your outlook and start the season with a bang. By incorporating light and airy colors, breathable textiles, and fun outdoor accessories, you can turn your home into a summery paradise. A few simple tweaks can go a long way in making your home ready for this season of entertaining.

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