The Best Place To Hang Mirrors In Your Home According to Feng Shui

GDC Home dining room decorated with mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Where is the best spot to place them all? Whether they are used for function or form, it’s important to consider the placement of the mirrors in your home. Finding the perfect spot can provide a sense of expansion, depth, and balance as they work to brighten up dark spaces.

According to feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of aligning the energy of a space to one’s own energy, mirrors in the home reflect energy. They should reflect things you want to attract in order to cultivate peace and prosperity. For example, you would not want to reflect a cluttered surface or dishes drying next to a sink. As you go from room to room, think about your unique space and habits, and how you want to use mirrors to create a comfortable feeling for you and your guests.

Wall of mirror decorations GDC Home

Dining Room

Dining rooms are ideal places for mirrors, as this is where you will be sharing meals and hosting joyful gatherings with loved ones. In the dining room, our Charleston interior designers recommend placing mirrors on walls that reflect beautiful natural views and light as this will bring the outside in and brighten up your space. Square and rectangular-shaped mirrors are ideal; our Balky Mirror would be beautiful in a dining room.

GDC Home living room area with large mirror

Living Room

A large mirror in your living room is also perfectly in tune with the principles of feng shui. Whether you prefer a large mirror above your mantle or a trio of decorative mirrors to reflect the light from the windows, adding an artistic mirror, like the Virginia Mirror, to your living room can create an open and airy feel. One tip from feng shui regarding the living room is to avoid hanging a mirror above a couch or in any other precarious position that creates an unsafe feeling.

Entryway decorated with mirror

Entryways and Hallways

Entryways and hallways are also well-suited for mirrors. In an entryway, mirrors should never reflect the front door, but should serve to welcome guests and create an open feeling. Our delicate Audrey Beaded Mirror is a dreamy place to check your appearance when you enter and leave the house. A mirror in a hallway can have a lengthening effect, so this is a good, albeit unexpected place to hang a mirror.

Living room mirror decoration


In the kitchen, try placing a mirror in a spot that reflects the natural outdoor beauty and brings light to your cooking. In this way, you can welcome and double the power of calming botanical energy throughout your kitchen. Cooking (and eating) can be very therapeutic, so embrace the sense of wellbeing in this space. You can also place a mirror behind the stove to allow the cook to see what is behind them while they are cooking. 

Large mirror GDC


Most bathrooms will have some kind of mirror, whether it is ornate or simple. The most important thing, according to feng shui, is to make sure your mirrors are clean and clear. For the most part, you should avoid ones with distorted surfaces, including antiqued surfaces and mosaic mirrors. Mirrors should be hung evenly and at a favorable height, not too high nor low, to show the reflection in a visually appealing manner. Following these tips should help you feel mentally and emotionally balanced in these private spaces in your home.

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Seemingly minute details can have a large impact on the flow of energy through your home, and making simple adjustments can open a space to feel more welcoming and peaceful. It is important to listen to your intuition when designing your home and, as you are experimenting with mirror placement, pay attention to what feels right and what doesn’t. The experienced interior designers at our Charleston furniture stores are excited to help you with choosing the mirrors that best reflect your home’s beauty. Stop by one of our Charleston, Kiawah Island, or Mount Pleasant locations to see our collection of beautiful mirrors today.

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