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While some people no longer follow a traditional dining room concept, many still love the ability to entertain in a designated room away from the kitchen. Particularly after a few years of not being able to socialize with many guests in one place, hosting dinners has come roaring back to life – much to our delight! As we transition from the cold winter into the best months of the year for celebrating, it’s the perfect time to give your dining room a spruce.

Dining rooms should be both elegant and functional with furniture and accessories that are cohesive with the rest of your home’s design style. Beyond the obvious features, what can you do to create a more personalized and unique dining experience? We’ve compiled some of our favorite decor ideas to create a truly special dining area for you and your guests.

Wall decor

Upgrade Your Walls 

To turn your dining room from an average room into a jewel box, consider adding a bespoke wall covering. There are so many other options than just a solid paint color, from a commissioned mural to hand-painted wallpapers, wood paneling, a large work of art or built-in bookshelves. All of these decor ideas will take time to complete, but the end result will be well worth it as you and your guests will have a stunning place to dine. Keep in mind that changing a feature as large as your wall covering will likely affect the rest of the furniture and accessories in the room.

Coastal Dining Room

Define the Space with a Large Area Rug

Using an area rug to define your dining room is particularly important if you have an open-plan set up with your kitchen or living room. By choosing a rug that has rich colors and bold patterns, like a Persian or Oriental rug, you can bring visual interest and warmth in a room that might feel otherwise understated. You could also go in the other direction and choose a neutral rug, like a light Berber rug to anchor your space. For help choosing a rug for your dining room, take a look at this guide.

Coastal Dining Room

Use Colorful Chairs

Particularly if you have a wood table, using colorful chairs can add style and create cohesion within your dining room. For example, the bright blue chairs in this room coordinate with the vases on the table and painting on the wall, pulling every component in the room together without needing to paint the walls blue. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to stick to one color theme for a long time, consider upholstered dining room chairs that will allow you to change the fabric whenever you need a refresh.

Dining Table Setting

Dress Up Your Table

The art of tablescapes has really come into fashion in the past few years and anyone can achieve an Instagram-worthy table with a bit of creativity. To create a stunning tablescape, choose a theme and up to three colors and gather plates, napkins, flowers, and other decorative objects that might potentially go together. Starting with white plates, like our Melamine Lastra Dinner Plates are a safe foundation from which to build. Layer in colorful napkins, glassware, and candles to create that wow effect. For more beautiful table ideas for spring, view this article

Floral Arrangement Table

Add Floral Arrangements 

Floral arrangements can dramatically change a room’s look, adding beauty, glamor, and texture to your dining table(s). Candles are great, but overflowing arrangements of fresh flowers bring a magical quality that comes from their beauty and the fact that they are temporary. Flowers highlight a moment in time so beautifully, making your guests feel extra special. There are many ways to incorporate flower bouquets into your dining room decor, the simplest of which is to arrange them in vases and bowls on top of tables, including as a centerpiece. Just don’t use heavily scented flowers like lilies on your dining table as this can affect how you experience your food.

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For many of us, our dining rooms are multi-purpose spaces that are used for more than just dining, like working from home. You can create a beautiful dining room while also making it very functional and comfortable with great seating, lighting, and warmth to support your lifestyle. Whether you are building a brand new home, renovating your dining room, or just looking to add a few exciting accents, our team of Charleston interior designers can help you create a stunning space. Give us a call or stop by one of our three Charleston furniture stores to speak with our team today.

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