Simple Tips to Add Texture To a Space

Patterned living room

There’s a secret ingredient to every space we design that’s not often talked about. It’s not furniture or upholstery…it’s something less obvious, but equally as important: texture. Texture is the spice that brings a room to life, adding intrigue and depth by creating visual interest. Whether you’re using plush velvet cushions, a jute rug, or patterned wallpaper, textured materials combined with the process of layering objects brings warmth and excitement to a space. Put simply, a room without texture will feel like something important is missing. Designers know to incorporate texture, but how can you add it to your own home? Here are a few of our favorite ways to embellish your home with inviting textures.

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Choose Your Fabrics Carefully

Upholstery is one of the easiest ways to add textural interest to your space. Think: smooth silk versus soft linen versus crunchy burlap; then consider how these textures will interact with each other—and with light and color—in your room. That smooth cotton slipcovered sofa might look great, but does it add enough texture to create an inviting and warm feel? We have a large collection of upholstery in our design center and are more than willing to help you discover unique textures for the rooms you inhabit!

Natural Living Room

Incorporate Natural Elements in Your Home

When it comes to texture, we’re usually thinking about hard materials like stone or wood, or thick fabrics like bouclé or wool. However, natural elements like plants and flowers are also a beautiful way to add more texture to your home. No matter what your style is—modern, contemporary, industrial, traditional—you can easily bring nature into it by incorporating houseplants, indoor trees, or even dried flowers. Some greenery might be just what you need to add some life and intrigue to your home.

Neutral Living Room

Decorate with Area Rugs

Area rugs are one of those items that can pull a room together in an instant. To add texture to a room, roll out our Kali Woven Jute Rug or a one-of-a-kind Persian rug and you’ll notice that the space immediately feels more welcoming. These rugs can also help define space and warm up your cold floors. Make sure your new rug complements other elements in your room including fabrics, furniture, and artwork to create cohesion. Providing a customized in-store service, we can cut our rugs to perfectly fit your space. 

Coastal Living Room

Decorate the Walls

Don’t forget about your walls! There is a huge opportunity in the right space to create a really stylish room using patterned or fabric wallpaper. If you don’t want to change your wallpaper, you can also hang artwork to add texture. Try to find works that have thick brushstrokes, or mixed-media elements. This will create added depth and attract the eye. Any original artwork with an abstract or layered appearance provides an instant textural element that’s also highly personal.

Dark Wood Living Room

Add Metals 

Too many metals in a space results in a very industrial feel, but too few will make the room feel lacking in excitement. For most of us, we have metal finishings like doorknobs and kitchen appliances that naturally add a bit of shine and texture. However, some rooms, like a living room, might not have any metal present. You might consider adding some gold sconces to the walls, like our Scando Mod Sconces or a table with metal accents, like our gold-leaf finished Henry Coffee Table. If you just want to add a few touches of shimmer, you can always add a metallic vase, photo frame, or candlesticks.

Ask Our Interior Design Team for More Insight on Textures

From wooden furniture and patterned wallpapers to thick area rugs and artwork, there are many ways of adding texture and interest to your home. Before you make any major changes, it’s best to start with accessories that add little pops of interest. Experimentation can be fun, but if you have any doubts, stop by our Charleston home stores and speak to one of our interior designers. They’re always ready to make suggestions on upholstery, furniture, rugs, and more!

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