A Guide to Styling Sculpture at Home

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When you think of art at home, your mind probably goes to paintings that you would hang on the wall. Most people have some form of wall art in their homes, but what you might not have is a sculpture. If you’ve never collected sculpture before, then it can seem a little daunting, however, having unique 3D art objects can add a lot of visual interest to bookshelves, coffee tables, and even your dining table. 

Sculpture can be a powerful conversation starter, bringing a story that both family members and guests can appreciate. Once you’ve found some sculpture that you like, the next question is how to style it in your home. Depending on the size and subject matter of your sculpture, you can create striking focal points that draw guests’ eyes around a room.

This guide will help you master the art of styling sculpture so that it is balanced with the rest of your home.

Modern Living Room

Create Vignettes with Sculpture

Vignettes are easily created by combining your favorite sentimental objects, including things like books, candles, a photo frame, and a sculptural work. Instead of placing all of these objects together on a shelf, consider breaking them up into small collections to create more dynamic displays. The easiest way to create vignettes is to start by organizing your items thematically or by size, and then get creative by mixing scale and colors.

Coastal Living Room

Install a Sculptural Wall Installation

Remember that sculpture isn’t limited to just vertical statues – it can be a work of 3D wall art as well. You can either find a single work to hang on the wall or a work that is site-specific and split into many parts. As an example, you might want to hang a series of ceramic butterflies on the wall of your child’s room. Using sculpture on the walls is a fantastic way to use space, add texture to your room, and make a statement.

Foyer Furniture

In the Foyer 

If you have a large foyer, take advantage of the space to create a wow-worthy entrance into your home. To do this, display a large sculpture in the center, either on a table or a custom plinth. This work of art will be the first thing your guests see when they walk into your home, so choose a sculpture that sets the tone and reflects your personal style.

Sitting Room

On the Dining Room Table

A sculpture that’s meant to be viewed horizontally, not vertically (like a standing statue) will work well on a large surface like a dining room table. Or, you can use one vertical piece as an artistic centerpiece instead of flowers or candles. Be careful with placing sculptures on top of tables—you don’t want them to scratch the tabletop.

coffee table decor

On the Mantel 

Whether you’re working with a standard mantel or a unique shelf in your home, sculptural accents make a statement about your style and aesthetic. You can either have one large sculptural work in the center of your mantel, or you can balance out your sculptural objects so that they are evenly spaced along the mantel. Add depth to the sculpture by hanging a large painting or mirror behind it for more visual interest.

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Sculptures are more than just aesthetic additions to your home. They often have a narrative behind them, meaning they can bring history and culture into your space. For this reason, they help make a home feel more exciting, sophisticated, and lived-in. Take a look at the sculpture we have on our website or stop by our Charleston home stores to view the full collection in person!

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