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Creating a Well Designed Kid’s Space

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As some children head back to school after the holidays, many across the country will continue partial home-based learning. We’re still spending more time at home than usual, which has meant getting every space in the house prepared for constant use. When it comes to kids’ rooms, the best designs blend cozy and functional pieces to keep them motivated while still feeling homey. So, how do you design a bedroom that’s also a playroom and a classroom? Let’s find out…

Our Charleston interior designers have outlined their top tips for creating a well-designed kid’s space that encourages year-round fun and learning. Whether you’re redecorating your playroom or creating a remote classroom, these design tips will help you create a room your kids will love!

A Functional Space

Throughout the course of the pandemic, we have all found more utility in our home than we thought possible. Without many adjustments, living rooms became offices and kitchen tables became conference rooms. Now that many kids are doing hybrid remote learning programs, parents are rearranging to make classrooms in their homes as well. This may seem like a challenging feat, but you can easily create a functional space that will promote learning without being an eyesore in your home.

To begin, consider what your child’s space needs for them to succeed. With remote learning models, that may include a roomy desk and comfortable chair, or a spacious table to work with siblings. Design around those key needs. If possible, remove unnecessary distractions and screens from learning spaces to create a degree of separation between disciplined learning and play.

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Creative Color in Kids’ Rooms

The best kids’ rooms inspire imagination. To encourage creativity, our Charleston interior designers suggest using bright accents, textures, and especially color. Rugs are always a great option for making a large-scale statement. Choose your child’s favorite bold colors, and look for playful patterns to bring some whimsy to the space. 

Our Malta Blue Flatweave rug is a fun coastal-inspired option that will bring instant color and style to your child’s room. Available sizes at our Charleston home decor stores range from 2’x3’ for small spaces to 10’x14’ for an extra-large area rug. We love that the wool blend is very durable; perfect for kids at play all day long!

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Organized Happiness

Kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, and home ‘classrooms’ can easily get messy throughout the day. When designing your kids’ room, make sure there is ample storage space for toys, learning materials, art supplies, and more. Trust us, you’ll thank us for this later!

Built-in shelves are always great for displaying books and puzzles that double as playful decor. Mix open storage with baskets, cabinets, and hidden drawers for toys you’d like to easily be tucked away. For kids’ rooms with TVs, consider a pretty console with plenty of storage. The Julia Sideboard is a sweet but functional statement piece made from reclaimed pine. 

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Dreamy Accent Pieces from our Charleston Home Decor Stores

To make a magical room that will inspire your little one, pay special attention to the accents and furniture. Instead of a desk, oversized cushions arranged on a big rug will encourage your kids to ditch the screens in favor of books. The Kuba Woven Jute Rug made of ultra-durable and eco-friendly fibers makes for a perfect place to spend an afternoon doing homework or reading. The natural rug has an earthen charm that pairs well with deep hues of burgundy, burnt orange, and olive.

To keep things light, a fun chair is a great accent piece that can transform into a favorite spot to play pretend. Our Gigi chair is a favorite when piled high with plush cushions and cozy blankets! The woven rattan canopy acts as an eye-catching centerpiece for a child’s room.

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A Room of Their Own

For older kids, a room redesign can become a much needed creative outlet (especially if they’ve been stuck inside and are missing their normal social circles). To help with this stir crazy feeling, why not allow them to be a part of the process of redecorating their room? The experience can be a great way to allow for self-expression while bringing their own personality to the space, ensuring the room is one they’ll love for learning and relaxing.

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Need an outside perspective on your home design project? One of our Charleston interior designers would be happy to help you create the perfect kids’ rooms. Whether you need a playroom or a new home office, our team will help you bring your vision to life with personalized feedback, inspiration, and custom high-end furniture options. Schedule a design session at one of our Charleston home decor stores to begin designing your dream home.

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