Rugs to Ground Your Home Redesign

For something that goes under our feet, a rug is not to be underestimated. While often chosen last by homeowners, the right rug has the power to completely revitalize and bring together all the elements in a room. Prioritizing rugs as a considered choice from the get-go will undoubtedly do more to spruce up a space than leaving it as an afterthought.

To help with the challenge of deciding on such a large decor element, our Charleston interior designers have compiled a list of tips. Of course, rugs are an investment, but the high-end ones at our Charleston home decor stores are designed to last for years. With a pop of color or an intricately hand-knotted pattern, rugs can make an impactful statement that will inspire that “wow” as soon as you enter a space!

One-of-a-Kind Vintage Rugs

One-of-a-kind vintage rugs bring an old-world charm and warmth to any Charleston home, especially ones with a lot of contemporary decor. Sought after for their high level of craftsmanship that has stood the test of time, you’ll find the vintage and antique rugs at our Charleston home decor stores add a level of sophistication that isn’t easily manufactured today. Plus, an authentic hand-knotted rug, like our vintage Oushak wool rug is an heirloom that you can pass down for generations to come.

Natural Rugs for a Coastal Charleston Home

Natural fiber rugs made of jute, seagrass, bamboo, sisal, cotton, hemp, and coir have risen in popularity recently and it’s not hard to see why. Their neutral palette makes these rugs versatile pieces that you can easily combine with your room’s existing decor. They look particularly at home alongside coastal decor as they naturally give off a beachy, relaxed feel.

With an ivory latticework pattern, our Kali Woven Jute Rug offers an elevated take on a jute rug. This beauty is eco-friendly and made with sustainable natural materials that are ultra-durable. Perfect for indoor dining spaces or bedrooms, Kali brings sophisticated, natural earthen charm to any room.

Colorful Compositions

While it can be intimidating to experiment with large swathes of color in a room, our Charleston interior designers recommend using a bold rug to make a statement. Colorful rugs finished with a sheared down, zero pile or flatweave texture, like our Kota Rug, give a refreshed vintage look we love. This flatweave wool rug has a touch of glittering oxidized silver woven into its indigo base, bringing a little magic to the everyday. 

Criss-crossed with a natural diamond grid and inlaid with a quad of diamonds in each center, the Kota Rug graces any entryway or high-traffic area of your home with a regal welcome. This rug is ideal for a contemporary space because it retains a timeless quality while making the space more inviting. 

Playing with Pattern

Patterns can go really wrong, but with the right choices, they go really right! Our designers love to experiment with layering patterns in a room, including with rugs. To keep your space balanced, consider the scale, color, and symmetry of the pattern in the rug in relation to your furniture and the size of the room. Look for patterns that complement your room’s colors rather than conflict with the space. 

If you choose to select a statement patterned rug like one of our vintage rugs, be sure to design around the rug to avoid having your bold pieces clash. Decide whether you’d like to go with an oversized pattern or one on a smaller scale. While micro patterns can be easier to incorporate into a space, keep in mind that large emblematic designs can create a statement-making focal point. 

Custom Rugs Cut for Your Charleston Home

When it comes to rugs, the right fit is everything. A rug can make the difference between opening up your space and making it feel small and cramped. To strike the perfect balance, our Charleston interior designers recommend making sure your area rug is big enough to rest all of your furniture on it. No chairs should be hanging off awkwardly when they are pulled out. For hallways, runners should be sized to the space with four to five inches of flooring left on either side.

Shopping for your new area rug or accent rug? Browse one-of-a-kind rugs, natural fiber rugs, outdoor rugs, and more at one of our Charleston, SC furniture stores. If you’re struggling to find a rug you love in the right size, we’re pleased to offer custom sizing at our three Charleston home decor stores. Our rugs can be cut and bound for your individual space — contact one of our Charleston interior designers today for a quote.

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