Bored at Home: Add Personality to Your Space with Decor

After so much time spent indoors, you may have noticed that it’s time for a home refresh. Strategic home decor choices can instantly transform a home, bringing much-needed details to your interior design while adding personality and style to your space. Read our best advice for bringing personality to your home with decor, inspired by favorite selections from our Charleston furniture stores. 

Beach home living room with bright accent pillows

Design the Perfect Coffee Tabletop

The focal point of many living rooms is the central coffee table. Don’t overlook this space, especially if it’s a room where you spend time welcoming guests to your home. Showcase a collection of textures, colors, and blooms or greenery that depict your personal style. You may want to begin by selecting a unique tray, which will center your favorite objects while serving as decor itself. Choose an elegant minimalist style, like the Multi-Tone Bone & Brass Tray, or add more whimsy with the Yin Yang Tray Set. You may want to add small vases, woven baskets, or a beautifully designed candle for a design choice that brings ambiance to the room. The Esterel Candle is one of our favorites. A sophisticated glass votive with a light fragrance reminiscent of mimosa clusters, this candle is perfect for Coastal Charleston homes.

Complete the tablescape design with a few final touches. Add coffee table books, selecting significant titles and covers that enhance your decor’s color palette. These books are great opportunities to incorporate a subtle pop of color. An essential for any Southern home, don’t forget to add fresh blooms to your coffee table. Peonies, hydrangeas, and other colorful flowers are favorites here in Charleston furniture stores!

Use Bookcases as an Artist’s Collective

We’ve been on our share of Zoom calls. We’ve seen our share of uninspired bookcases. Your bookshelf can be full of great titles without being boring.

Instantly add personality to an office or living space by treating bookcases and built-in shelving as decorative space, not just a place to dust. In addition to your favorite books, showcase unique sculptures, bookends, art pieces, and decorative options for a sophisticated eclecticism tailored to your personal style. We love an abstract sculptural item, like the Lasso Sculpture, used as a statement piece among stacks of books. Vases may also be used as accent pieces to bring artful touches to your shelves. The set of Legacy Basket Vases comes in a chic bone color, and subtly elevates the design of any office.

Your favorite books can also be used as decorative pieces. Some interior designers fully commit to maintaining a unique color palette or theme, for example, using only all linen-bound books to maintain a vintage style. A less time-intensive option may be to simply upgrade your favorite titles to special editions. Many classics come in anniversary or collectors editions, with redesigned covers that act as art pieces themselves. Let your tastes shine through with books that look as beautiful as the stories they tell.

Lighten Up with Creative Chandeliers and Fixtures

Changing light quality is one of the most transformative changes you can make to a room. Open up spaces with lightweight curtains to bring in more natural light, making spaces softer and livelier. Warm-toned light bulbs in more shaded rooms can make the room cozier without seeming too dark. Adjust your light quality to match your home’s desired ambiance.

Once you’ve achieved your light quality of choice, choose a chandelier or fixture with personality. The Stillwater Oyster Chandelier isn’t solely a light fixture, rather it works as its own art piece. Hand-selected oyster shells decorate a wrought iron frame to create a nautical and natural statement piece. The Blanca Chandelier is an equally impactful piece with nods to more coastal, relaxed styles. Wooden beads are strung on a tiered frame. The sophisticated, classic chandelier shape is modernized with a surprising natural texture.

Refresh a Room with New Rugs

Often overlooked, a rug is the key visual element used to ground the design of your space. Changing your rug can instantly transform the entire room, adding more personality to your design. If you’ve grown tired of your current rug’s effect, opt for a new one that provides some sort of contrast and increased visual interest.

Look for patterns, colors, and textures that resonate with you to incorporate in your space. The rug sets the literal foundation for your design, so choose wisely. A patterned rug featuring bright colors conveys a vibrant personality, while a monotone palette and subtle detailing conveys more a serene style. Our Charleston stores have been loving the zero pile, vintage style rugs we’ve started to see in many designers’ work. These rugs are an updated rendition on traditional styles, creating a vibe that’s equal parts vintage and modern.

While it’s tempting to replace furniture and rearrange your entire room, there are simpler methods for making your home feel more like your own. Begin your redesign with small changes in decor that better reflect your tastes and personality. Shop decorative objects, sculptures, art, rugs, and more at

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