Artful Living: How to Select Art Prints for Your Home

Fine art prints can elevate your home by incorporating inspired works into day to day life. Learn more about how to start incorporating art into your home with our tips for selecting and decorating with fine art prints, from GDC Home.

How to Choose Art for a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is an art form in itself. Gallery walls depend on a balance of space, shape, and color, but the beauty of a gallery wall lies in its ability to appear effortless. Too much symmetry and the wall seems overdone. Too little coordination and the gallery wall seems haphazard. The key to the perfect gallery wall is selecting art prints that inspire your unique space without overthinking. Browse our Pinterest Board to start finding inspiration before shopping for your gallery wall art prints. Incorporate complementary colors into a cohesive palette, offset by unique textures and shapes, sometimes pairing surprising art styles together. Trust your eye when mixing and matching art prints. 

Once you have prints for your wall, lay out your ideas, and spend some extra time planning where to hang everything. Seeing the layout before you can help you identify what prints you may still need to balance a wall, and can help prevent mistakes before you start hanging hardware.

Choosing Art Prints by Color

Color is an essential element of all art. Certain artists create art prints full of color, others are more reserved with the shades and hues they incorporate. Depending on your personal design style, some artists’ prints may be a better fit for your home than others.

Before selecting art prints survey the existing colors used throughout your home’s space. Take note of which colors would complement your decor, and which would be too strong of a clash. If you’re not sure of how to start working within your current color palette, browse through a variety of art prints to start getting inspired. You may be surprised by which colors draw you in, and by which prints you start to imagine within your home’s color palette. 

Displaying Art Prints with Elegance

Your home isn’t a museum, but there are certain lessons home designers can learn from spaces that beautifully display art pieces. 

From frames to lighting, to spacing, adjust your space to showcase fine art prints in a way that properly highlights the pieces you’ve selected. Get creative with framing styles. Frame a more traditional work with a clean, minimal frame. Try a baroque-inspired frame for showing a modern piece. After choosing the perfect frame and matte for your art print, properly light hanging prints with the Redford Picture Light from GDC Home. This sleek plated sconce is inspired by museum fixtures and made to feature your favorite works with the elegance due to any masterpiece.

Choosing Art Styles for Your Home

Art styles range from hyperrealism to abstract and everything in between. You don’t need to be an art history scholar to select art styles for your home. However, the signature qualities of different art movements can add different inspirations to your space. 

Varied art styles within a space bring a cultured eclecticism to the room without being overwhelming. A print of a neoclassical style sketch in ink or pencil, for example, can complement a contemporary art print while coexisting harmoniously. Shared properties of color, artistic tradition, and negative space create enough similarities for the works to coexist. Our Bowl fine art canvas print, for example, is a minimalist modern take on the traditionally celebrated art genre, the still life. 

Art Prints for Every Room

Every room can benefit from beautiful art prints by celebrated artists. Let your room guide your art print selections. Living rooms may benefit from bolder prints, while you may choose a more serene art print for the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected styles, colors, and displays. When selecting art prints for your home, the most important rule is to choose the art that inspires you in each individual space. 

Our in-house designers are happy to help guide you through your interior design experience. From inspired prints to beautiful custom furniture, find all you need to create an artful space with the help of a GDC Home designer.


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