4 Ways to Add Animal Inspirations to Your Home

living room with animal print pillow

Big game animals are more popular than ever right now, but the animal print trend certainly isn’t new. Using animal prints in home design stems from long-standing design traditions, a more classic choice than one might think. Some designers even swear leopard print is a neutral. While you can go wild with the print, other details, textures, and big game inspiration evoke your animal inspiration without going overboard. 

Learn how to embrace the animal print home decor trend with the following 4 ways to add animal inspirations to your home.

Gadsen dining room chairs with animal hide upholstered seat

Cowhides and Texture

Texture enhances the room and makes your space more luxe. A cowhide rug is an incredibly chic way to center a room with animal inspirations, lending a rustic touch to a sophisticated space. Hides are also a great alternative to fabric upholstery. Available in so many different colors and textures, they are perfect on dining and occasional seating as they are very easy to clean.

Leather will always be classic but to avoid going too rustic keep it tailored. Our Portsmouth Round Mirror elevates any room. The round mirror reflects modern elements of design and is mounted by a unique leather hanging strap.

fawn pattern upholstered chairs and cowhide rug in living room design

 Animal Print Pillows and Upholstery

Decorate your living room or bedroom with animal print throw pillows and upholstery. 

Pillows are a subtle way to incorporate animal print into your home decor. Animal print throw pillows are a low commitment decor choice that delivers immediate impact, leaving your room chic and on-trend.

GDC Home sells fabric by the yard. Choose our fawn animal print upholstery fabric to create pillows or to upholster seating with a sophisticated animal print.

The Graham Ottoman with antelope hide upholstered seat

Accent Ottomans

Make a statement with accent chairs and ottomans inspired by animal prints and textures. These upholstered animal print furniture pieces are the perfect way to make an impact in your home design with a single item.

The Graham Stool, an Antelope printed upholstery, on delicate thin legs, offers a whimsical juxtaposition to living room or dressing room seating. Place 2 of these ottomans fire-side or under windows. Pair it with the modern silhouette of the Henry sofa in Crypton Hopsack Oyster. The clean lines and neutral tone of the sofa balance out the shape of the Graham Stool, allowing it to stand out as a custom furniture piece to be admired.

John Robshaw patterned throw

Novelty Details and Big Game Inspiration

Animal inspirations bring a certain whimsy to home design. Pair these inspirations with a classic color palette. Steer clear of other bold accents to avoid trailing into kitschy territory.

Decorate your little ones’ rooms with the Vannaku throw or browse our throws here. These John Robshaw prints are inspired by his travels and accented by jungle creatures for equal parts whimsy and sophistication.

Incorporate big game elements into an artful home with a set of Yak Horns. Mounted on a black wooden base, these statuesque horns are a bold focal point in any living room or entryway.

yak horn living room decor statue

Find Your Inspiration at GDC Home

Whether you’re wild for leopard print or prefer soft tones in luxurious textures, animal inspirations elevate a space by bringing the wild inside. From throw pillows to rugs, decorative objects, and more, the possibilities for incorporating animal inspirations into your home are endless.

Find your Inspirations at GDC Home. Work with an in house designer to bring the vision to life. Find custom furniture, one of a kind rugs, unique objects, and more. 

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