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If I had to choose one place in my home to keep it simple it would be my bedroom. It’s a room where the sun light and the darkness hold equally important roles. It’s a place to sleep and a place to wake. You want to be able to sleep deeply as much as you want to wake refreshed. Here are 3 easy ways to keep your bedroom décor simple and functioning the way it should.

  • Casually dressed bed

1. Keep it neutral…
When choosing bedding I like to mix textures and patterns but keep the over all color tones the same. in this case I’ve mixed linen with cotton, quilted with flat, stripes and prints with solids. However, all the tones are gray, they are all shades of each other letting our eye rest while still interested.

2. Keep it natural…
I like to always have elements of nature in my bedroom. Whether it’s a plant or a natural wood side table maybe even a landscape painting. But don’t over do it, keep it to 2 or 3 different elements. Keep them special, things you love.

3. Let the sun pour in…
Give yourself options. While we all love a good sleep in, it’s also nice to wake up to a sun filled room on the days you need to get up and at’em. A little reminder that it’s a new day with new possibilities. It may be as simple as leaving the blinds open at night, if privacy is not an issue. Or you may want to have 2 types of window coverings layered over each other. A shear roman shade under black-out drapes, woven wood blinds under simple, sheer drapes. Whatever you do remember to keep it simple, don’t destroy your serenity now.

And now for a few of my favorite simple bedrooms via Pinterest. Enjoy!

Sleep well.