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Tips For Organizing A Stylish Bookshelf

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Displaying a piece of your personality through both tomes and treasures, bookshelves are a staple of many homes across the world. Not only does a well-organized bookshelf give off an old-world, well-read charm, but it also adds significant flair to a living or bedroom. From color coordination to adding the right accessories, these tips will help you turn your bookshelf into a focal point of your home.


Choose A Color Scheme

If you’re looking for an ultra-sleek and stylish look, try choosing a color scheme for your bookshelf that will be cohesive with the rest of your room. This will instantly give your bookshelf an eye-catching and put-together look that will elevate your room design as a whole. If you’re feeling creative, you might opt for a monochrome color palette, like all-white books. Make sure all of the books and objects you use on the shelf fit your color palette to create a polished and sophisticated look, but don’t be afraid to add a little pop of color here and there to add a bit of warmth in. 

Keep It Minimal

It’s a common mistake to crowd every last corner of a bookshelf with books. While it makes sense to keep your books altogether in one place where you can find them, it doesn’t always make for the most aesthetically pleasing outcome. Instead, try to leave some open space so that your books and objects can breathe. This will not only make it easier to find the book you’re looking for, but it will also give your shelves a neater appearance.

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Vary By Height

To make your shelf feel balanced, we recommend varying the heights of your books and objects. This will help create visual interest and draw attention to your bookshelf. For the taller objects, you might include an antique vase or ornamental sculpture while candles or trinkets add a shorter dimension. For books, you can arrange them both vertically and horizontally in stacks.

Boxes, Baskets, & Bookends

Sometimes, a container can be the main event. We love using decorative boxes and small baskets on a bookshelf, not only to store away items that don’t match the rest of the bookshelf, but as a statement piece themselves. You can use stylish boxes like our Sky Blue Boxes, Set of 2 in between your books, or keep your books organized with classic bookends like our Charbel Bookends. All of these items help break up the monotony of a plain stack of books.

Wooden Bookshelf
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Personal Items

A bookshelf is a great place to show off personal mementos, from family photos to souvenirs collected from your travels. You can also display artwork – be it a work by your favorite artist or a finger painting by your children. Don’t be afraid to show off some of your prized possessions in a place of honor.

A Curated Shelf Starts at GDC

From choosing a bookshelf to match your design style to organizing your books and accessories in a pleasing way, we’re here to help with all of your decor needs. Organizing your bookshelf can bring a sense of calm to any room, which is why it’s a great project for the new year. Have fun with it and enjoy the process of creating a stylish bookshelf!

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