Precious Metals: Adding Shine to Your Home

Metal accents are popular in almost every room of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom and everything in between. They add a touch of shine that creates texture and dynamism while also being very functional and durable. If your home is modern, you can expect to have lots of metal finishings and accents, but even if you prefer a more organic design style, you’ll still likely incorporate some metal pieces in your home.

Here’s how to add sparkle and create depth using metallics in your home.

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Popular Metals for the Home

When it comes to decorating with metals at home, it’s very important to consider the color palette and textures of your room. Your fixtures will likely be made from ​​stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, nickel, or chrome. After deciding on one or two main materials, you’ll be able to choose from different finishes like matte, antique, brushes, hammered, polished, satin, and oil-rubbed. The finish you choose will affect the way the metal appears, which can help it coordinate with your design aesthetic. 

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Choosing Your Metals 

For everything from doorknobs to decorative studs on upholstery, we recommend paying attention to the tone of the metal. If your room has a lot of warm colors like red, yellow, or brown, warm metal accents like gold or copper are best. Cool colors like blue and green work well with metals like silver and chrome, as is seen here with this light blue leather chair. Metals with a black finish are considered to be neutral and can be used with any color palette. As far as brightness goes, it’s best to use bright fixtures on dark colors and darker metals on bright colors. For example, if you have light-colored cabinets, dark metal knobs will make the most striking impact.

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Frame Artwork in Silver or Gold

Add a touch of luxury to your home by using silver or gold frames for your artwork. For both small photographs as well as large oil paintings, metallic frames bring a sense of old-world charm. A quick frame change can make a big impact in the overall look and feel of your space, adding shine without detracting from the artwork.

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Don’t Forget Metallic Accents

Once your fixtures are all selected, it’s time to add a few metallic accents for some additional shine. You can dial up the glamor with a mirror-like our gold leaf Olive Branch Mirror, or a chandelier like our Nottaway Chandelier. Or, you can keep it simple and small with decorative objects, a metal wine rack, vases and so much more. Don’t forget that metallic accents don’t need to be made of metal – you can use upholstery with silver embroidery or gold wallpaper to add a little extra shimmer.

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A Word on Mixing Metals

While there are some hard and fast home décor rules, don’t be afraid to mix metals. A layered use of metals can add a lot of interest to your space and give your home that collected-over-time feel. For example, don’t fret if you love gold, but your home furniture is silver or brass – you can still combine these luxurious metals for an eye-catching look. The key is to define which metal is going to be dominant and layer in the other metals in smaller quantities.

Shine Bright at GDC

Timeless and beautiful, metallic accents are a great upgrade to a room that is lacking depth. Remember to start slow and add one metal at a time to see how the colors, textures, and finishes look together. Adding strategic lighting and placing your metallic pieces near the windows is a fantastic way to enhance shine. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals, but always keep things in moderation to achieve harmony. Come see us, your favorite Charleston home decor store, for more interior design advice.

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