Perk Up Your Morning Routine: Tips for Setting Up a Home Coffee Bar

coffee area setup with charleston furniture store GDC Home

For many people, coffee isn’t just something to drink – it’s a mandatory part of their morning routine. While getting a Starbucks everyday is delicious, it’s expensive and takes up valuable time. Instead, consider setting up a gourmet coffee bar at home with all the toppings and flavors you would find at your local cafe. A home coffee bar is the perfect way to pamper yourself first thing in the morning without needing to go anywhere!

To make those dark and chilly fall mornings a little easier, follow these tips to set up a stylish home coffee bar.

A side table as a possible location for your coffee area, decorated with a vase and lamp from Mt pleasant furniture store GDC

Choose a Spot for Your Home Coffee Bar 

At-home coffee bars are typically tucked away in the corner of a kitchen, but you can put yours wherever you think will be the easiest and most enjoyable place to have your morning brew. A space on the kitchen countertop, a side table, or a bar cart are some popular options. You can also repurpose a vintage piece, like a hutch, dresser, buffet or console. If you opt for a bar cart, you can also make a day-to-night version that includes alcoholic beverages. Irish coffee, anyone?

Set Up Your Coffee & Accessories

Bring together all your favorite coffee supplies, from a coffee maker to a coffee grinder, mugs, and spoons. If you’re an espresso fan, it’s worth it to have your own espresso machine to make your favorite lattes and cappuccinos – otherwise you’ll likely end up buying a coffee out. The next step is stocking up on coffee beans, sugar, creamer, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, and anything else you like in your coffee. A tall glass jar of biscotti is also a nice touch! Of course, if you prefer hot chocolate or tea, the same principles apply for setting up any custom beverage bar.

Home coffee bar accessories by Charleston furniture store GDC
a neat, organized coffee setup by Mt pleasant furniture store GDC Home

Get Organized 

Most home coffee bars have a small footprint, which means that keeping supplies organized takes some effort. If your coffee bar is set up on furniture with drawers, you can use those to store things like the coffee containers, napkins, extra mugs, and spoons. If you don’t have additional storage, consider installing some shelves above your coffee bar. You can use them to display pretty mugs or glass jars of sugar and spices.

Personalize Your Space

This space is all yours – so make it fun! You can take ideas from your favorite cafe, or get creative with a theme or color palette. Add artwork, plants, and decorative jars to stay organized. If you want your coffee bar to coordinate with the rest of your room, you can match the colors of your mugs and other supplies to the colors in the rest of the room. Or, dial up the energy in the room with bright, colorful floral or geometric print mugs.

A bar cart from Mt Pleasant furniture store GDC Home repurposed as a home coffee bar

Create Your Home Coffee Bar at GDC

A runner table from Charleston furniture store GDC repurposed as a  coffee area

If you love coffee, there’s nothing better than that first cup in the morning. By setting up your own brewing station at home, you can make the perfect cup to get your day started on the right foot. Stop by any of our three Charleston furniture store locations to find everything you need to create your gourmet coffee station at home.

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