How to Design Pet-Friendly Interiors

Pet-friendly furniture

There is a lot that goes into making and keeping your home looking beautiful – over at GDC Home want it to stay that way! To a dog or cat, however, your home is a playground designed for destruction. While we all adore our four-legged family members, they can make messes, break things, chew on furniture, and shed everywhere.

To minimize the damage, we suggest investing in performance fabrics and hard-wearing furniture that can withstand your furry friends. Here are the best ways to pet-proof your home without sacrificing an ounce of charm!

Upholstered Couch

Think Carefully About Upholstery

If your pet is going to be relaxing on the furniture, we highly recommend investing in performance fabrics upholstery or washable slip covers. Acrylic and polyester blends will be easy to clean and hardwearing. Leather is another great choice for pets. Additionally, coordinating the colors of your upholstery with your pet will minimize the appearance of fur.

Tiling Around Pet Dishes/Bath

Don’t ruin your carpets or wood flooring – tiling is a more pet-friendly option. Tiles are easy to clean and don’t stain, so they are a great floor choice for the areas where your pets will be eating and bathing. You can even get a tiled platform for your dog’s dishes to elevate their food and water and make it easier to clean the whole area.

White ceramic plates

Keep Breakables Out of Reach

It may go without saying, but you’ll need to pet-proof your home the same way you would for a baby. This means putting breakables, food, and anything that could pose a danger to pets out of reach. Rearrange shelves to put photo frames and artwork at the top. On a similar note, be sure to close bedroom and bathroom doors if you don’t want your pet going in when you’re not looking.

Steer Clear of Wall to Wall Carpeting

While cozy and classic, carpeting can be a challenge to keep clean when you have a pet. From pet hair to muddy paws and wet dog smell, you are going to be up against a losing battle in keeping a wall-to-wall carpet clean. Instead, try indoor/outdoor area rugs or pet-friendly flooring alternatives like hardwood or tile. Once your puppy is grown, a wool rug is a great choice as it is easy to clean.

Woven baskets

Use Stylish Baskets to Organize Pet Accessories

Keep your pet’s accessories organized in the same manner as your own. Namely, we recommend using stylish baskets in keeping with your home’s decor to disguise collars, leashes, and toys in a beautiful way. Try our Lynn Basket Set – they’re a gorgeous storage solution with lids to hide your pet’s accessories discreetly.

Stop by Our Design Center for Pet-Friendly Upholstery

We completely understand the importance of creating a home that works for both you and your pet. In our Design Center, we can help you choose from hundreds of upholstery samples to find the perfect one. Many of our performance fabrics are stain-resistant and machine-washable, making it easy to keep your home fresh and clean – despite your pet’s best efforts.

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