5 Imaginative Storage Shed Ideas

While storage sheds are frequently used to store garden supplies and yard equipment, there is no rule saying that you can’t have fun with yours and create a one-of-a-kind space. A storage shed can solve a space issue in your main home by providing an extra place to work, sleep or entertain. From a cozy guest bedroom to a fully stocked bar, take the opportunity to think outside the box and create a surprise space in your backyard. 

Cozy Guest House

Create a Cozy Guest House 

If you frequently have guests coming to stay, consider transforming your storage shed into a single guest bedroom. Even if it is a small shed, it can provide the perfect hideaway for your guest where they will feel relaxed with plenty of privacy. While you’ll want to equip the shed with electricity, you can easily get away with having your guests come into the main house for the bathroom.

Turn It Into a Bar

For those who love entertaining, why not reimagine your old storage shed into a sleek bar outfitted for large gatherings? This will not only create a more social and fun environment in your backyard, but it will make it easier to keep drinks flowing at your next BBQ. Add bar stools and lighting to complete your stylish bar set up!

Home Bar
Kids Playroom

Make It Into a Kid’s Playhouse

Tired of finding your kid’s toys scattered throughout the house? Creating a play area in your storage shed might be the perfect solution. Your kids will love having a designated playhouse that is all their own and you’ll love being able to keep their activities and toys in one place. To set up your playhouse, you’ll need child-friendly flooring, colorful wall coverings, bins for toys and games, and a small table and chairs for arts and crafts. 

Paint It All White

Instead of having your old shed be an eyesore, turn it into a statement piece that invites guests to take a closer look. We love the idea of an all-white shed that can be used as a cozy reading nook or a place to enjoy afternoon tea. The white not only lends a coastal feel, but it will also help prevent your shed from getting too hot in the summer. 

All white shed
Home Office

Turn Your Shed Into an Office 

Having a remote workspace is essential in today’s world. If you don’t already have a good place to work at home, consider converting your storage shed into an office. By providing quiet and private place away from the distractions of your home, you’ll be able to really focus more and get down to business. In addition to adding electrical outlets, have fun with your office by personalizing it with plants, furniture and artwork that inspires you. 

Fill Your Shed With Decor Essentials From GDC

Instead of using your potting shed once a year and then forgetting about it, turn it into a space that you will enjoy every day with decor that means something to you. Think of your shed as a mini house that can be used as a sanctuary of privacy from the main home. Don’t let your shed go to waste – there is so much potential if you think creatively!

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