Home Office Refresh: How to Spruce Your WFH Space

There’s no denying that your environment affects your productivity levels, whether you’re working from home or back at the office part-time. If you’re feeling sluggish at work, it’s likely your office isn’t serving you the inspiration you need. Eliminate distractions and boost your mood with a redecoration that incites creativity and workflow, rather than stagnation. Sprucing up your office with high-end home decor and furniture can make you feel at peace with your workday, helping you to get more accomplished and feel great at the end of the day. Try the tips below to refresh your office, or pop into one of our Charleston furniture stores to receive bespoke recommendations for your space.

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Keep Your Color Palette Light & Airy

As a starting point, painting your home office can quickly revitalize your outlook. While it may be tempting to follow Pinterest tutorials on decorating your office in vibrant hues, remember that you will be spending the majority of your day in that one space. Bright colors are exciting in small doses, but a bright orange wall or busy wallpaper will ultimately be grating on the eyes, especially when the stress of work arises.

Instead, our interior designers in Charleston, SC suggest sticking to a lighter color palette of neutrals like shades of beige, gray, or white. You can always add a few pops of color in the form of art, books, or a piece of furniture. If you decide to go with a color for the walls, keep it to a muted or pastel shade, like a soothing light blue. 

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Invest in Comfortable Furniture

You never imagined that your home office would become your full-time workspace, but now that it’s happening, it’s important to make sure you will be comfortable and set up for success. Using your kitchen chair is not going to serve you well when you’re sitting for seven hours a day. Instead, add comfortable pieces of furniture that resonate with you and support your spine. Prioritize ergonomics, like placing your computer at eye level. Let your comfortable furniture be a grounding influence on the rest of the decor in the room.

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Use Your Vertical Space

Most home offices aren’t huge, so make the most of your wall space by adding decor on shelving. Instead of filing cabinets, build shelves above your desk to hold your books, folders, and papers. Add in elements like small sculptures, artsy bookends, picture frames, plants, a clock, baskets, and items that reflect your personality.

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Bring Positive Energy With Natural Greenery

How do you want to feel when you are in your office? If the answer is calm, as it is for many of us, then adding some greenery to your space can help you feel more zen. Plants like a Peace Lily act as an air filter to cleanse your environment and remind you to take deep breaths. You can either place your house plant in a beautiful pot or basket or use a hanging planter to conserve precious desk and floor space.

Ruby Chair GDC Home

Create an Inviting and Cozy Corner

When you’re working from home, remember that you have the luxury of sitting somewhere other than your desk. For certain tasks, like reading and phone calls, it’s really nice to have a cozy chair and ottoman to relax on. With lush velvet in a cheerful hue, our Ruby Chair is the ultimate in inviting furniture. Add some pillows and a throw blanket to your quiet nook and it’ll become your new favorite spot in the house.

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Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting in your home office is everything. If your room is too dim, it’s bad for the eyes and will make you feel sleepy, especially on a dreary day. If it’s too bright or fluorescent, you can feel strained underneath the harsh light. Strike an elegant balance with lighting sconces like the Resident Sconce. 

Depending on the layout of your room, you can also add a table lamp or a floor lamp to achieve the desired brightness. When presenting on a Zoom call, don’t underestimate the power of natural lighting. It helps to have your desk facing a window to let the natural light stream in and give you that on-screen glow.

Whether you are looking to upgrade one piece of furniture, like your desk, or require a full revamp of your home office, our interior designers are here and happy to help. The best way to view our collection of high-end furniture is to pop by one of our Charleston furniture stores, where we have the largest selection of high-end home decor and furniture. Of course, you can also browse our online store, which includes timeless office treasures like the ones below.


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