Guest Room Checklist

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‘Tis the season for hosting family and friends in your guest room as you either open presents around the Christmas tree or ring in the New Year with the ones you love. With all of the opportunities to house your guests over the upcoming winter months, it’s time to give your extra room a friendly facelift.

The holidays are a time to rejoice in making memories with some of your favorite loved ones, not a time to stress about last minute details. Although, it’s hard not to panic as we think about the long to-do list that comes with the holidays – take a deep breath and let GDC take the guest room checklist off your hands.

Turn your guest rooms into a home away from home for your loved ones with this list of helpful tips:

Give Your Guests the Gift of a Great Night’s Sleep

The ultimate gift this holiday might just be upgrading your guest room mattress and linens for your loved ones to sleep the night away in. Treat your guests to a set of Pine Cone Hill Annie Selke silken sheets, along with a new mattress because nothing compares to a great night’s sleep.

Organized white and red towels

Create a Warm Welcome

Make your guests feel like they’re walking into a five-star suite with little touches such as small chocolates and bottled water. Side table accessories are also a great way to make your guests feel at home with features such as a charging station and a vase with fresh flowers.

Add a Set of Guest Towels and Toiletries to the Bathroom

Put together a collection of towels and washcloths to make your guests feel right at home. Don’t be afraid of adding towels with a pop of color or a fun print to spice up your guest bathroom. Mix various shades so that your guests can easily tell their towels a part.

Don’t forget to add extra toiletries as a finishing touch such as an extra toothbrush, your favorite soap and a soy candle.

Add a Few Coffee Table Books

There’s nothing like an interesting read to wind down with before you go to sleep. For those who like to power down before bed, add a few of your favorite books or magazines that you find interesting to your loved one’s nightstand. However, don’t forget to write down your wifi password for those tech savvy guests.

Make your space with pillows, rugs and more

Warm Up Your Space with Pillows, Blankets and a Great Rug

Cozy up your guest room by picking up a few of GDC’s comfiest pillows and blankets. Throw in a new rug under the bed to make it feel like a brand new space for your visitors and add a little more comfort to the room.

Hang a Few Pieces of Artwork

A minimalistic feel can certainly give guests a five-star hotel vibe, however a few pieces of fun artwork on your walls will make your extra-room feel just like home to anyone who stays there. Come by GDC and work directly with our GDC home interior designers in Charleston to find the perfect additions to your guest room this holiday season.


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