Easy Bathroom Upgrades to Elevate Your Routine at GDC Home

The bathroom is often overlooked as a space with any serious design potential. Your bathroom, however, is a space as important as any other in your home. Most people begin and end their day with personalized routines that take place in this space. These simple bathroom upgrades will help refine your space so that it is as beautifully designed as any other place in your home.

Bathroom design

Natural Elements

The bathroom is the perfect place to create a zen, clean atmosphere. Bringing more natural elements into your design will help establish a serene, relaxing ambiance.

Bring in even more of the natural world by adding green leafy plants to your bathroom. They not only bring a spot of crisp color to your space, but many plants are known to have cleansing properties and thrive in the humid environment. Different types of ivy and ferns improve air quality and will leave you feeling refreshed from your daily routines.

Elegant Objects

While small spaces are not the best for showcasing bulky or overbearing decor, the bathroom can be a perfect place to showcase small collections of elegant decorative objects. Decorate sparingly with objects that have some sort of visual or thematic harmony to add sophisticated touches to your bathroom.

For a unique beachy accent, our hanging turtle shelf brings a bit of the coast to your home.

Shower designs

Discreet Storage

The easiest way to create a more harmonious space is to declutter. Without proper storage, your bathroom items can quickly become strewn across your counter in a small state of chaos.

Upgrade your bathroom organization by using drawer organizers so that every serum, moisturizer, and teeth whitener has its designated place. Need to extend your storage past your cabinets? Add decorative jars, woven baskets, and trays to have a place for personal items. Discreet storage that is as functional as it is beautiful is perfect for maintaining a clutter-free bathroom.

Statement circular mirror in minimalist bathroom design

Sophisticated Reflections

See yourself differently with unique mirrors. Oftentimes bathroom mirrors are solely functional, which neglects the potential to make this necessary element into a beautiful statement piece. These types of mirrors are particularly good for spacious bathrooms that need more visual interest.

Mirrors with a gold edge are a modern upgrade to traditional options. The Candice mirror with its unique edge is a beautiful option for framing your day. Other mirror options include those with hanging hardware, like the Portsmouth Round Mirror, or those with a natural texture like the Tisbury Mirror.

Hand-Knotted Throw Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs can add a pop of color, a hint of contrast, and a bit of texture that makes your space immediately more welcoming. For a unique and treasured option, choose a GDC Home One of a Kind vintage piece. Our globally sourced vintage rugs come from Turkey, Morocco, India, and beyond. The unique colors and patterns instantly transform even minimally decorated spaces.

Spacious Bathtub

Garden stools

Garden stools are perfect for small spaces that need more dynamic surfaces. They serve as an accent table for placing plants or trays and are a classic decorative touch. The Chantilly Garden Stool and the Brinnon Garden Stool are both ceramic and porcelain, which make them resistant to moisture that could cause damage or discoloration. Choose the Chantilly stool to bring in a little more color, or the Brinnon Stool for a subtle neutral hue. 


The right lighting will cast a glow throughout your bathroom. Harness natural light when you can, but add statement fixtures to bring more warmth and color to your space.

Focus your energy on the space near the mirror, where you’ll need the best light. Scone lighting coupled with recessed lights or natural light will help evenly illuminate the whole space.

Bathroom upgrades can be as simple as bringing in a new houseplant, or as intentional as selecting a new statement mirror. GDC Home has an array of options to help you find the perfect details for upgrading your bathroom and home. Take a look at our decor items or get in touch with one of our interior designers for a little extra assistance.


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