In-Store Design Experience with Interior Designers

Looking to spruce up your home, but not sure where to start? Don’t shy away from revamping your home’s aesthetics because you don’t have time or direction, GDC’s experienced team of interior designers in Charleston, Kiawah, and Mount Pleasant locations have the skills to get your in-store design experience on the road to aesthetic success!

Vibrant rug and neutral-toned furniture from GDC Home

Did you know that GDC Home offers free in-store interior design consultations? When you visit a GDC Home location, you are welcomed by our friendly design consultants, each of whom possesses a wealth of knowledge, experience, and aesthetic vision to help you in creating or refining your design vision. Our consultants will work with you to select color schemes, focal pieces, patterns, textures, rugs and more that will complement your interior space. From small areas, such as entryways and reading nooks, to entire homes, our talented team will collaborate with you through every step of the interior design process.

Neutral-toned rug beneath a wood poster bedGDC Home’s design consultants are equipped to offer their expertise on any design project, and each boasts their own stylistic flare. Take a look at our interior designers page to learn more about our team members’ interests and how they can work with you to create a space that you will love.

If you would like to take things a step further, GDC Home also offers in-home design consultations at an hourly rate. To learn more about our in-home services, be sure to contact us directly. Whichever route you choose, our interior designers are sure to turn your interior into a visually pleasing and aesthetically cohesive space.

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