Extend a Warm Welcome: Create an Inviting Foyer for Your Guests

There are so many stressors during the holiday season, but getting your home prepped for guests needn’t be one of them. Decorating can be very time-consuming, but it’s also fun and manageable if you start early. As the foyer is the first thing guests will see, it’s a great place to start your holiday refresh. Rather than rushing in with the tree, we recommend laying the foundation with timeless seasonal home decor that can easily transition into the winter. Here are a few ideas to inspire you this season. 

Cozy Area Rugs

While it’s not the first thing your guests will notice, on a subconscious level, your flooring sets the tone for the rest of the house. A beautiful, textural area rug can create a cozy ambiance that will make guests immediately feel at ease. Consider rich, earthy tones like deep oranges, warm browns, and burgundy. A traditional Persian rug, for example, brings an immediate sense of comfort to a space. All of our rugs can be cut to fit the size of your space so you can keep an open mind when browsing through the options!

The Perfect Table

In a marriage of function and form, a foyer table provides an easily accessible surface for items you might need to quickly set down, like keys and mail. During the holiday season, it’s also the perfect place to add some seasonal flowers or foliage and other decorations. Choose a table that fits your space, whether an elegant circular model for a large entryway, or a slender console table like our Olisa that backs up to a wall.

Seasonal Foliage

Embrace the warm colors and rich textures of the season by bringing the outdoors into your foyer. Add an arrangement of seasonal flowers, branches, berries, and gourds to your foyer and you’ll instantly feel more celebratory. A magnolia leaf or traditional evergreen wreath on your front door will set the stage for what’s to come inside.

Convenient Seating

If you have enough space, add a cozy seating area to your foyer to provide a welcoming place for guests to take off their shoes, put their things down, or wait for others to arrive. A small bench is a popular choice for foyers because of the practicality. You could even opt for a pair of plush chairs with throw blankets if you desired.

Warm Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference in creating a cozy atmosphere at home, especially in the darker winter months. Instead of using harsh recessed lighting, consider layering your lighting. Add soft, warm-toned sconces and dimmable table lamps to add a gentle glow to your foyer. You can also add candles to your foyer table for an instant mood boost.

Decorative Mirrors

Don’t forget about your walls! Mirrors are a great choice for a foyer because they pull the double duty of making a space feel more open and providing a way for you to check your reflection before you head out the door. A large framed mirror above a console table always makes an elegant statement. In the fall and winter, you can drape it with a garland to add a festive touch.

Mastering First Impressions

From the moment your guests step into your foyer, they should feel instantly relaxed. These fall foyer tips are translatable to every season and with a few simple swaps, you can create a refreshing and welcoming space. Once your foundation is set, all you’ll need to worry about is the guest list!

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