Elegant Fall Centerpieces for an Autumnal Dining Table


Gather your pumpkins, mums, and berry branches – fall is here, which means it’s the season of hosting. Whether you’re setting your dining table for a huge Thanksgiving feast, or enjoying a quiet evening with your immediate family, adding a fall-themed centerpiece can make you feel instantly more festive.

Here are some of our favorite fall centerpiece ideas to elevate your dining table.

Seasonal Foliage

A great place to start with creating your centerpiece is with flowers, branches, and unique foliage specific to the season. We love using warm colored flowers in red and orange hues, offsetting them with dried elements, twigs, and pale green leaves. Get creative by using a unique planter or vase in a different color, like this blue and white chinoiserie one.

Rich Textures

Fall is all about texture. As you’re pulling out the cozy throws and thick rugs, consider incorporating some texture into your centerpiece as well. This could include woven elements like rattan or wicker or polished materials like metallic candlesticks. When it comes to your greenery, magnolia leaves are very popular in the South, and can be complemented by unique flowers, feathers, and fronds, as is seen in this arrangement. Finish your table by scattering pinecones, nuts, and acorns to add an extra tactile element to the table.

Garden Inspired

When it’s no longer possible to garden outside because of the cold, turn your green thumb to your dining table. Use small terracotta pots filled with ferns or flowers to line the center of the table and create an eye-catching display. Simple, yet impactful, this centerpiece can then be expanded by adding large candles, ribbons to your glasses, and creative presentations of dishes.


Chinoiserie, particularly in the classic blue and white style, feels fresh and timeless year-round. If you aren’t feeling the fall hues this year, we suggest using a chinoiserie vase or tableware along with seasonal flowers to create an exciting mix of colors and patterns. 

Fresh White

As a sign of what’s to come, this fresh white centerpiece is a dreamy tabletop addition. Instead of creating one large centerpiece, try pulling together an assortment of smaller vases and filling them with white roses to create a varied and visually appealing display. The addition of bright green berries and pinecones heightens the sense of contrast to create a centerpiece that is really fresh and surprising.

Fall in Love With Your Centerpiece

As the focal point of your dining table, fall centerpieces are meant to be enjoyed by everyone during the festive season. Creating the perfect display might take a bit of thought, but it’s always worth it. Over at GDC Home we hope these ideas have inspired you to think outside the box to create an arrangement that speaks to your style. For more ideas, please stay tuned as we share more tips for seasonal decorating!

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