Creating the perfect Shelfie…

What’s the secret to the #shelfie trend that’s been sweeping social media? I love how these little vignettes provide the perfect way to express your personal style as well as provide warmth and personality to your home. The best part about styling your shelves is that you can style a small coffee table or a large bookshelf – both will provide instant impact to your home.

1. Stick to cohesive colors. Pick a palette of 2-3 colors for sure-fire shelfie success. Start with your neutral colors such as tans, grays, creams, and whites and then add in pops of color.
2. Find a theme. I personally am all about mixing and matching, but when all else fails, a theme can help smooth out your shelfie style. You could go with a theme that has a soothing rustic feel, or if your style is more Coastal Chic or Bold and Glamorous then look for pieces that represent those qualities.
3. Start with books – books are great because they can provide warmth to a room. Try turning books to where the spines face inward to create a great texture. Also, to create a polished look, try to arrange your books so they create a symmetrical balance.
4. Make it function. Bottom shelves of bookcases are great to hold extra throw pillows and blankets. Roll them neatly and place them in a decorative basket that works with your color scheme.
5. A place to show what you love. Shelves can be just the spot to put your favorite items that you want to display in your home. Small unique items can share a space with larger pieces of art. Shelves are also great places to display family photographs and

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