Creating a Zen Bathroom at Home

While one of the least focal areas of the home, the bathroom is nonetheless worthy of attention. It should be a serene place where you can relax while getting ready in the morning or while soaking in the tub at the end of the day. If you are building a new home or sprucing up an already existing bathroom, take the opportunity to turn this functional space into a beautiful one. Our Charleston furniture stores are the ideal place to find inspiration and source some dreamy upgrades for your home.

Integrate Natural Materials

Organic materials like stone, marble, and wood add a calming ambience to any area of the house, including the bathroom. You might already have countertops and floors made of these materials, but you can also add in small details that enhance the calming aura of the room.

A woven rug, like Curacao Dune, for example will give your floor a warm and inviting feel. Adding in a few plants, particularly those of a hanging variety can further elevate the sense of airiness and peace in your bathroom.

Add Romantic Lighting

Stimulate the senses with candles and decorative lighting in the bathroom. For candles, place them by the sink, on a shelf, or on the edge of the bathtub to create a warm glow. Choose scents that are known for being calming, like lavender.

If you have a large bathroom, you can look into hanging a delicate chandelier, like our Menefee Chandelier, which has long slender leaves made of wrought iron with an antique gold leaf finish.

Pay Attention to Artwork

Many people shy away from putting nice artwork in the bathroom, but it undoubtedly adds beauty to this undervalued space. You can have quality artwork in the bathroom, it just has to be the right medium so that the artwork doesn’t suffer moisture damage over time.

In general, paintings on canvas are fine, as are works that have been professionally framed and sealed, like Heron Study 1. That said, it is advisable to leave doors and windows open where possible to avoid humidity building up in the bathroom. 

Upgrade Your Linens

From towels to curtains, take a moment to upgrade your space with high-quality, unique textures. Switching out your bath mat to a larger rug that matches your towels will bring cohesion and warmth to a cold tile floor.

To finish the space, add privacy with beautiful window treatments. Whether you prefer romantic draperies or roman blinds, you can find a range of performance fabrics at our Charleston furniture stores.

Add Seating

While it may seem unnecessary, a stool or ottoman in the bathroom will actually prove to be more functional than you can imagine. You can sit on it while waiting for your bathtub to fill, or use it as a place to put your clothes while you are changing. Our Brad Bench and Graham Stool both look fab in a bathroom.

Stop by Our Charleston Furniture Stores Today

By incorporating organic elements, fresh linens, and elegant lighting, your bathroom will be transformed into a calming and enjoyable space. For questions large or small on how to add more zen to your bathroom, our interior designers are ready to give their suggestions. Come by one of our Kiawah Island, Mt. Pleasant, or Charleston furniture stores and let our team assist you with picking out rugs, upholstery, lighting, and more.

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The Graham Ottoman with antelope hide upholstered seat

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Brad Bench

Rustic iron is accented by a cushioned top, a sturdy sailor-striped cotton in crisp navy and cream.

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Menefee Chandelier

This graceful gold chandelier features swirls of long, slender leaves made of wrought iron in an antique gold leaf finish.

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