Colors of the year 2016

  • This is one of our own images. The chaise is by Lee Industries and the fabric is Farrow Old Rose. The perfect shade of pink.

  • I may be stretching the color here, a bit dark, but too good not to include.

  • Because most everything soft needs something sharp to balance it out. Love the pink and green mix here!

  • …and here.

  • what was that about pink and green?

  • with a bow perhaps?

  • I didn’t even mean to bring up the pink and green thing again! This amazing work space by Amie Corley.

  • Pink and black!

  • This is such an easy patteren to follow with any color but I especally like it here. Shade up.

  • Paint it!

  • Eat on it!

  • A very nice, clean, soft color for cabinets.

  • A modern mix

  • Reminds me of Wedgwood Pottery. Always classic.

  • Romantic

  • Masculine

  • A cool blue corner, great in velvet.

  • Calming tones for the bedroom.

  • some jewel tones


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